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Did you see speaker? The taxes. Did you you're not Christian Nado Christiane Aldo fuck with name Christian Renaldo? Yeah. Cristiano Renaldo Christiano all people gonna be so pissed 'cause people have soccer out stuck them. Don't care. She's as Christ. Did you see that? He was just he was just he was in court. He was facing a jail sentence a prison sentence for tax evasion. How's it like that not pay taxes? I don't know. Yeah. He went to tax court and. They they came to conclusion that he just has to pay twenty one million dollars twenty one million dollars for not paying taxes, and he doesn't have to go. Joe Twenty-one fucking million dollars. That's all that's nuts thinking you've got to consider the contract play. And then all the endorsements. No. I mean. Yeah. He can definitely I think he's the highest paid athlete in the world and to. Yeah. I think it's soccer's on another level that we don't know about you know, soccer's creeping around behind our backs soccer's a big deal. I don't think it's creeping around are Americans backs, isn't it? I mean, it's always been a silly soccer's big here. I don't get it at all. I think soccer should be the biggest. Soccer's like, what's your money where your mouth is David? I've never seen you watch a soccer game. I used to when I was in when I was in Illinois Italy played Slovakia watched one game. So it was waiting for Natalie because we were gonna go goal bullying. So I but she was late. And then he said wondering when link. No, I think I think soccer's I think soccer is a lot more exciting to watch the just called David just called his assistant and she picks up the phone, and she goes what? So funny. She's she's sticking a break. She's tired of your stuff who's tired. That's okay. You give you give it to her a lot. I guess she probably has to operate like that. Because you're so she has a mandate. You know, sometimes I'm scared to ask her for things. You are. Oh, that's weird. Yeah. I guess I. Yeah. I know you do your like because I'm like I would be too bothered her today. Look I'll have to like ref- Alec. I'm always rephrasing things. Sure. So like if I need her to clean up around the living room don't say, can you clean up the living room because then that it's kind of like go clean up the living room..

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