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It's morning addition on WNYC and Michael hill Governor Kathy hochul sparred with her democratic primary challengers in a debate last night The issues of crime and gun violence dominated much of the discussion WNYC's John Campbell has more Hulk is facing off against New York City public advocate jumani Williams and Long Island congressman Tom swazi and the democratic primary and her opponent spent much of the debate attacking her record on everything from gun control to stadium subsidies for the Buffalo Bills Early on huckel touted her efforts to bolster the state's gun laws this week in part by banning the sale of semi-automatic rifles to those under the age of 21 It came in the wake of a mass shooting in a buffalo supermarket last month I'm really proud we were able to get that over the finish line Again to protect New Yorkers whether it's from gun violence in grocery stores or on the streets of Brooklyn and The Bronx or Harlem But Williams faulted hochul for not focusing more on street crime and swazi pointed to the governor's prior support from the National Rifle Association When the governor was a member of Congress she voted with was endorsed by and took money from the NRA Where's the principal in that Hulk will represented a conservative district near buffalo when she was in Congress a decade ago during the debate She said she's evolved on the issue of gun control since then The four Republican candidates for governor will get their chance to debate this coming Monday While the Democrats will square off again on June 16th the primary election is set for June 28th John Campbell WNYC news.

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