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Dream big and fight hard with senator Warren and it has all these cliques now he's like she can sign up that says if you're not sure yet about senator Warren take a look at the transcript of a recent speech ball of a box and they said that they sent us out everywhere and then there was on Twitter a link to an article about the endorsements analyst and those with more like I'm so grateful to have these people etcetera etcetera so they lied about it they're actually going office soliciting this they were soliciting this they completely lied I have a feeling that when the Washington examiner aspen is there any new the answer they're just see if they're gonna be forthright about it and so it wasn't because someone forgot to take his name off of a Google doctors because they actually went on their soliciting the stuff who now just to remind you of this creepy predators background the victims alleged victims of a box what they told law enforcement that he would prey on black man with the promise of free drugs right Washington examiner to lure them back to his home in LA any would drug them an assault them and he was he a major major Democrat party mega donor he's listed as a mega donor and he supported and don't and fundraise for Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Ted Liu Adam Schiff and they I mean all of them in fact Janelle more who was homeless he told the New York Post he was working as a prostitute he wrote in his journal this is from the New York Post and I remember when his journal that when when Jamal Moore's journal was published on my gosh he wrote that book is the one I think he gave me my first injection of crystal meth and he said he blamed Buck he was he was trying to get off the street but he was homeless he was preyed upon they are in January just this year ten of eighteen fifty five was found dead box and box home a Bucks attorney Seymour am stressed at the time that the managers to drugs before he came to the mega donors house and Buck didn't call paramedics for I don't know like fifteen or so minutes after the zero after they do dumb deed and Buck said no no no no I it that's that's not that's not accurate that's not accurate was just an accidental overdose wow and prosecutors label at back is a quote violent dangerous sexual predator who mainly preys on man made vulnerable by addiction and homelessness I mean he like he one time I was trying to torture of victim according reportedly with a power saw thank he's not yep there you go so well that's to Elizabeth Warren is bragging about having and then they lied about how he ended up even being on there can she not lie like at any point ever can you just not lie about stuff she's Gilly from us enough he stop lying about stuff just to stop Callie the other big guy the others for that we were watching is this insane story about this Iowa man who set fire he took an L. G. B. T. E. Q. flag from a it was a United church of Christ and set it on fire outside outside of a strip club the man's up although for Martinez it was an LGBT Q. flag hanging from the church in Ames Iowa and he admitted to police that he stole it and he burned it and he received a sixteen year sentence it was for the hate crime of arson and also an additional year for the reckless use of explosives or fire and an additional thirty days for harassment and the story county court records show that the sentences are to be served consecutively now I read like some back and forth and some contradicting things as to well maybe he was you know but he had a couple felonies that this is the third strike and you're out or this is it but then I read that his other stuff was just misdemeanors but he got fifteen years for the US for a flag I don't I don't as I absolutely do not and I've spoken out against us especially when it was anti for destroying private property is not protected speech but you can give somebody sixteen years for both for the flag my friend Brandon Morris tweeted I want to point out that this is the same county in which a man suffocated his daughter did nothing got thirty years in prison with the possibility for parole in fifteen years same county don't go to story county his us we are more to come Kelly this is crazy this is crazy I just can't haven't we also gonna band names and all kinds of stuff fun stuff coming up so you don't miss a bit of that blink home security cameras are so helpful particularly this time of year because it gets really crazy the closer it gets to the actual Christmas day family might be coming in you may be traveling but you want to make sure that.

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