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Really makes you feel empowered when innocent people are falsely accused of crimes that makes women feel empowered since when does that make them feel empowered you know want you need to check your brawl ladies of that makes you feel empowered all right on to the nfl the nfl again elites we're talking about elites here elite sports figures of this he can imagine this happening high school level man avowal has decided that it's going to solve the problem it created by by so the promise created was saying feel free to disrespect the flag feel free to disarry respect the flag based on lies feel free to do that that's your first amendment right except that of course the nfl it punish anybody who spoke out on other issues that did not fit into the social justice rubric right they created this problem what did you do you turned off the televisions lots of you did and you're never going to turn it back on again you just said you know what i don't need a bunch of millionaire elite privilege athletes basing their disrespect of this nation on lies rubbing my nose in it on sundays or thursday's or monday's i don't need it it's not good enough to make me suffer through this quick so the nfl creates this problem now what does the end of all going to do because you went click this is what they're going to do they're gonna give a hundred million dollars of the same money that people like you pay for nfl licence merchandiser tickets a hundred million dollars of that money to sit allowing social justice causes.

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