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Somewhere between reagan and chamberlain it was the most brilliant possible take on what actually happened in singapore nobody would link that story except well of course it's michael savage dot com but my good friend chris roddy linked to newsmax dot com he linked it but there are other articles that look looked at in the eye by the way and i saw other articles a man named david ignatius on newsmax wrote kim gave little and deal with trump ally lake wrote linked on newsmax trump treating came as a statesman contradicts previous disposition what if i want to say some things like that what would happen the trump botts would go insane they call me a comedy they call me a socialist they call me a liberal they tell me i'm a russian spy tell me a work for mueller the world has changed there's no thought in the country anymore there's no chance for opinion anymore it's either already the a with us you're against us it's become nothing but a a bond yard storm and that's where we stand today this is michael savage the outsider on the inside and hard but fair is the name of a show in germany but you know i thought about that this is really hard but fair and never forget this is not a commercial for donald trump it's not a commercial for republicans it's not a commercial for any politician that's one thought i'm having.

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