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Job me. It was I I was the one who did this because I knew it made the show better. I knew it made the show more listenable and exciting job and I knew people like the conflict and I know how it appreciated it. He said on numerous occasions how important I was to the show. Although now he tries to make believe I wasn't, which he could do, all he wants. He and I both know the truth. And so, does Robin Baskin-Robbin knows it as well? They know how important my honesty and my shifts during how important that was to the show. And when you look at people like Monique from Radio Gunk and arm and Sarah from Atlantis Palm, they all know it too. There's no way anybody could take that away from me and I refused to let them do. So, even though Howard has tried on numerous occasions, let's get back to the news page. Michael written by Maureen Callahan. Okay. In lieu of picking on society's, weakest Stern. Will turn his rage on most, any staffer in his sights. It says something that even the most picked upon loyalists, say, his producer of 37 years, doesn't even bother to really fight back anymore off while I listen. Listen people. Why because Baba Booey has been a kiss ass since I've been there. His lips are so freaking big cuz they gotta fit around John Howard's ass. Oh, the thought of him sucking down trim. It's just like it's just like the reverse ticket of shit just like wage writing like a vacuum plunger puss. But Gary doesn't want to fight with Stern. Why? Because thirds pay in his paycheck. See I didn't give a crap. I take Howard on you. Go back to some of those shows. You see me calling Howard, a loser, when they would call me a loser. Yeah. Chris Brown pointed this out. Miami. When were doing gigs, I'd be like know. Howard, you're a loser because I was willing to take the Peloton, much like already did after I left. So, I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear Baba Booey doesn't care. He's living in the house that to spilt. You don't care anymore. They've all become complacent. They don't give a crap. They're just collecting their salaries. So, here we go. I go back to the article..

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