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If it's right go ahead please. Yeah i just wanna see a winner. I mean and two i saw too but i felt a little bit let down. I mean if i'm seeing too that means there's no silver medallist. Why didn't they just get the two silver medals. I would rather have seen a jump off. Look good for both guys tremendous sportsmanship. I'll tell you this. I never knew that could be in the offering. I never knew that you could come to an end to end of the competition. Say hey if you folks don't want to go anymore for whatever reasons both of you can have a you walk away. I didn't see a winner when you've got ready like that. I did look good for the italian guy because we know. He was injured in twenty-six more. She i mean they both have come back right near exactly but at least he he got. He got a chance to meddle in the last two olympics. I believe so good for them. Great sportsmanship but. I just would rather have seen them. Jump it off on sunday on sundays. Seven golfers played off. For a bronze-medal we have super tiebreakers in tennis. So that's all i wanna see. Just jackie machi- shocking your head. No a little bit here. yeah. I can't i can't sign off on that with you. Kb these are the moments in the olympics. i live for that unbridled joy. The two of them sharing this moment together by the way they're not strangers. They're good good friends. That have competed against each other for over a decade. If i'm not mistaken they've known each other a long time and they've both as as tony said coming back from catastrophic injuries. One of the rio so to me. This is the perfect ending to a long journey for two guys who have immense respect for one another. Isn't that what the olympics is. All about is this sort of collaboration with all these countries from all over the world. I loved this. Oh cloudy it so cool to hear. Say you mean we can win each win. A gold it. Yeah that was tremendous quote no. The olympic motto is faster higher stronger. Kb they couldn't go any higher. There was high as they were gonna get so. Let's go stronger. let's go together. Let's go sportsmanship. Let's share it real. It was a wonderful. He's my favorite moment of the olympics. They were so excited. It was tremendous in gymnastics if judges decide that. Two gymnasts have the same score. They have a tie same in diving. And i understand that you could sort of have a jump off but you're not going higher you're going lower so it becomes a stamina contest. It's not becoming a high joan contest. At that point you can absolutely be okay with the thai. Their neither of those guys has to go the rest of their lives saying they tied. They can just say. I want to go meddle in the hijab. They don't have to share the rest of the information. So yeah i think for the for the sake of sport for the sake of these gentlemen. I think ended swayed metals. At the way to go. i have not been swayed. Because you know what. I tune into the olympics for to see the greatest performances ever like fully mar rojo's out of venezuela the triple crown of the triple world record world old record unbelievable first woman from venezuela to get a gold medal. And you know what that country's been going through for the last five or six years. So that's what i tune in and you saw this is and you also mentioned all year and jumping is high. I mean here's the thing competitions and you love track and field k b. I know you know that. You're not just competing. You compete against the bar. That's what they're competing against. They're not each other. Let's talk about some of the georgia. Immense lamont marcel. Jacob see i italian man to ever win goals in the men's one hundred elaine thompson. Hair up the olympic record in the women's one hundred enough to be kellyanne fraser price. And they're great rivalry jamaican sweat that metal stand as you just mentioned black. Install venezuela's duly my row house. It was a twenty six year old world record. She broke into triple job and the women's shop. What was gone. Lucielle china gold america raven. Saunders is it all time character with an all time celebration in silver..

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