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One thousand KT, okay. Lee Matthews Donna on social media shared with me. I thought I'd share with you. It's simply says to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers. Just prevent sober drivers from driving. That's how gun control works. Doesn't it? Donna, you are so right. And you get it. Eight four one thousand star one thousand this half hour the Leigh Matthews program. Brought to you by hill and company a train comforts specialist. It's hard to top a hill. Doug is on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. What casket do you think? Pelosi would have looked better in the rose colored steel or maybe the pine with the blue light blue satin interior, probably lose that. Yeah. Bring out her eyes. It's time for you say that because the first thing I thought of when I saw the. What I was young. My parents bought me, a cheap and chintzy ventriloquist's doll. Five one. Exactly like wondering toll on their mouth operating nets as ever. Gators. It was so comical because President Trump was able to use facts and figures and data and all they said was. Creating a crisis. They're like, well, he doesn't have to create one. It's there. Hit back to go down there and see it. One thing that I was thinking about was. All these talking head on like MSNBC snowboard. I wonder any of them have been down to the border to see what's going on. And I doubt it. Oh, I doubt it too seriously. And Doug, you just gave me an idea. I'm going to go ahead and do the job of the writers first Saturday Night Live right now and suggests the bit on this week show should be a Pelosi impersonator and a Schumer impersonator, and then their speech is stopped by Darcy. Lynn who then goes up behind them and says, look, here's how you do it. And then Darcy Lynn starts doing her. All right, Saturday Night Live. I'm doing your job. Boy. Yeah. Doug. Thanks for the call on NewsRadio one thousand okay. Eight four thousand star one thousand what did you think of the speech? What did you think of the response? And what next and was your mind changed at all on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. Jack writes on social media Li I thought I would call and tell you I tried to call Kendra. I'm sorry. I thought I'd write to tell you that. I would try to call Kendra horns office today. And I tried three or four times. No answer. I know she has plenty of staff to answer the phone, but it just rang and rang and rang no answering machine. No voicemail. No, nothing. Do you think it's because she and her office was getting so many complaints from constituents about the wall just thought you would be interested, Jack. No, I don't think it had anything to do with the wall. I think it had everything to do with. Well, some of it could have to do with her while I think, but I think it has everything to do with her her vote for Pelosi number one. And number two her vote today to continue the Affordable Care Act. I'm going to get into that story in just a little bit here on NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. But right on schedule. She's voting right down the party lines. As I thought she.

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