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But we're gradually moving to a place where they will be neutral not that they'll be restraining the economy, we may go past neutral, but we're long way from neutral at this point. Probably going past neutral, definitely gets your attention there pal. Speaking at an event in Washington hosted by the Atlantic magazine and the Aspen institute. Well, of course, China's markets are closed awake. But we did have some action related to China's Stokes. Nonetheless. The biggest exchange traded fund tracking Chinese stocks tumbled in the US. This is the I shares China lodged cap ATF it sank to a two week low after J P Morgan Chase, downgraded the country's stocks more on the banks school from Bloomberg's Yvonne man J P Morgan Chase is cutting its recommendation on Chinese shares to neutral from overweight analysts, they're forecasting a full-blown trade war between Washington and Beijing is a terrorist will go up the dollar will strengthen and the yen will weaken further. The Bank also lowered its forecast for Chinese economic growth next year to six point one percent from six point two stale. The analysts say don't write off emerging markets. They say double digit, earnings growth and under allocation to the. Class and evaluation discount to develop market equities could spark short-term gains in EM shares. In Hong Kong, I'm Yvonne man. Bloomberg daybreak Asia. Yeah. And we also had so J P Morgan sing full-blown trade. We also had Mark Mobius saying the trade war will yield blood on the tracks. He also thinks they will eventually come to agreement. But he thinks it might be about six months. And now we have from CNN that the US navy proposes a global show of force to warn China for that and all the rest of the global news. Let's get over to Ed Baxter in San Francisco. The nineteen sixty newsroom, he's tracking all the major events of the day. Yeah. Now, let us follow up on..

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