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To be a laker in two thousand eighteen i mean it was a foregone conclusion he was going to be a rental for one year in oklahoma city what did we just see we saw paul george say i'm staying in oklahoma city could that not happen the kuwait leonard i mean think about this if you are one of the top five players let's say he doesn't go to la let's say he goes somewhere else and he falls in love with that city and it's a perfect fit for him why would he leave and if you're the spurs you have a year to try to make him change his mind although i don't think he will based on everything we're hearing and maybe say you know what i went through a bad time everything's good full steam ahead in san antonio if you're the lakers what are you going to give up what are you going to do to get kuwari leonard all right let's say you get kuwait leonard this year as opposed to next year when he a free agent let's say you get him this year what do you have to give up to get kawhi leonard you're going to have to give up quite a few of your players talented players young players is kyle kuzma on the board every laker fan i stay and people around the legal they're not they're not trading kouzmin all right that means brandon ingram that means they we've heard that pop doesn't want lonzo ball i believe that pop went what lavar ball anywhere near the state of texas and especially around san antonio not going to happen all right so what does that mean for the lakers if they can make a trade to get the san antonio spurs to get them coalisland if the lakers can work out a deal with the spurs to get kawai we know that randall wouldn't be part of the equation if you move brandon ingram you're going to have to probably move one other player maybe a draft pick which is not a big deal if you get quiet leonard and lebron james playing for the same team with lonzo ball and again we know that lonzo is going to get better and better i i'm amazed at how many people are critical of nineteen year old point guards in the nba stop it already would you these guys need three years i've been doing the nba for thirty years you know what if we had said that about steve nash we would have never heard of steve nash if we had said the same thing about chauncey billups and pushed them to i mean think about those players i'm just pointing out to guys steve nash in chauncey billips at the point guard you don't give up on point guards early you don't give up on bigs early lonzo ball's gonna be fine and he may be perfect when you look at him in two or three years from now playing with lebron and the rest of the la lakers here's the bottom we're going gonna talk a lot about this for three hours this is good for the nba may not be good if you're a fan of another team this is great for the nba everybody's talking about the nba in july everyone it is front page news is the.

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