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Performs a thousand percent better than any other type of content that tried across various company pages in all kinds of industries. Hands down an iphone or a smartphone photo of someone that works for you will win every single day. Yeah it's interesting that you should say that. Because that's kind of what i'm hearing is as well that perfectly curated Overproduced if you will even when it comes to kind of the audio and video. There's something about that that creates almost like Yeah there's a barrier between where the someone's going to engage at a deeper level and it is those behind the scenes. Now imagine if you do a behind the scenes of how you create something for a client or the price is the why this is so important that you do. Xyz because it's going to allow your clients to achieve abc kind of thing. Those are the kind of the stories. I think people are really engaging with an ultimately even though it might be a behind the sane. It's still adding value. Isn't it and i would imagine creating all mice. This yes chick. This is someone who i know. I'm getting better. I'm beginning to lock the mocks. I love the stall and they chain looks amazing smiling. And i know that it's not put on for you. Know a branded shoot. And i trust them. Because there's this consistent say that's coming through and john that that's a one of those best pieces of content types to attract opportunities. Let's talk a little bit about competing against the logic companies on jn if you've got a small company and you say we can campaign it. Doesn't you know whether we're small and large what some of the things you will notice saying. Look one of the things that i love is that you don't have to pay for ads. You know as a company to really get rachel linked in if you create good content that adds value to your ideal audience. And you do that consistently you will say results. I know that it takes approximately if you're starting from zero. Roughly around six months. Maybe a little bit less. But let's say six months worth case scenario for people to recognize. You know you like you trust you and then opportunities stop popping up. So it's not. We're not talking that you need to invest a significant amount of time. You have the same number of characters. Like i said we all get the same amount of. We've all got three thousand characters these days and i'm with you if you have that much to say i've tried to write a post an article that long and opposed and realistically if you've got that much to say jump on the podcast with emory because it's a much longer conversation that you should.

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