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Gotta watch that again that's yeah you gotta really be up on your eighties character actors because his funny with you blade runner of course your fan rutger hauer you remember when he's looking for the snake and he goes to that like see area and the guy he talks to was the mayor from dolemite oh my mind i'm like that's a fucking mayor like after i was after dolemite with something i just watched all the time and then we're watching bladerunner years ago like all the shit he has to live or might i'm so happy that they've got another job you know what i mean like like fuck that's the mayor from ola my man that's like watching the white shadow yesterday every episode had like oh my god this selling i roll there is there's a colombo is streaming on netflix all the all seasons and man of course i'm gonna fuck this up but there's one of them where this really rich dude is driving into his house and all these people are protesting and jeff goldblum is one of the protesters it's hilarious plain as day he doesn't have a line he's just like you know nineteen year old whatever jeff goldblum just standing there picking it's when you see like fuck that's jeff goldblum like and it's on because he's so famous seeing him that you expect him to suddenly you know be the main character of the show after that but that was it just in that one little thing he's protesting outside of a limo if if you you watch twisted sister's leader of the pack video bob cackle way it was in it did he directed he probably did it is right it was like the weird dude and there's a scene where he's a teacher and one of the students as the camera rolls through the students is luke perry allow i gotta look at that again it's cooled and six so it's a couple years before beverly hills nine to one eight but so many i would've you watched like hopper teacher you know if you'd find that video of you find like eight of those kids or fit like one or two of them are famous now you know like i wonder if that yeah like i'd love to go back and just look for that i love looking for that kinda shit i used to train the girl from the hot for teacher video you know probably four years after that video she was how i forget her name she was hot still yeah yeah she's is family fitness center on pico local you know personal training yeah that's what i did before stand so she's still like what do you do i'm an actress and you may see me on the video right i'm sure like what she's like that van halen video hot for teacher i'm like wow it issue that's crazy i mean well you could probably add those people into the what ages worse eighties pro wrestlers eighties hair metal guys these guys are eighties video yeah some of those girls look a little rough i haven't seen him now not bobby brown though they still i don't wanna i don't wanna see i don't wanna get shattered van i don't want the the childhood dream to and i don't wanna look i don't wanna know they i've had them both on this couch nice.

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