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O R O Michael, You never know what's gonna touch a nerve. Here It is six in the morning, and I'm getting a batch of emails about people in their remembrances of the automat. We did a story a while ago, the automatics coming back to Jersey City. And for those who don't know, I mean, our young listeners have no idea we're talking about you Go into this. There was no. You know, there were no waitresses. You just sat at the table. You went up at a slot and you threw in a couple of nickels and got a hot cocoa or or, you know, macaroni and cheese And that that was your That was your lunch at the automat. So anyway, this, uh On. I was talking about how I remember the lady who would dish out the change. But she had a million nickels and dimes sitting in front of her. So listen there. Doug set me and I was talking about how, um You know, people wouldn't leave their tables and that's I think what killed off the automat? Eventually, people just go in there and sit forever. Um, so anyway, Doug e mails and says his father told him that the cashier's would give you 85 cents of nickels for a dollar Bill. Ah ha! They were still articles, those cashiers. I wondered about them and then, he said. If they wanted you to leave. Ah worker would wipe the table of the cloth dipped in ammonia. Oh, yeah, right. That's right. So that'll do it. I remember. Yeah, I remember. I remember the horny and harder there on 42nd Street did often smell of pneumonia. When you would go in, not it's pneumonia. The ammonia which is what you take two will ward off. Cove it Yes. Yeah. What we do shine Clorox up your But why did you want this song again? 525,600 minutes $525,000 So So why? Why did you want that from right Because I mean, it's hard to believe. But 25 years ago this week, Rent played its first performance off Broadway at the New York Theater Workshop. And, you know, the sad thing is, I tell, I think quite movingly and some of my best right.

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