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Showers and send breaks install a slim chance read thunder shower we'll see alot snow level as well five thousand feet but it warms and brightens justice fall officially arrives on friday in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell cloudy 52 at har stena island neronha sowsow showers reported in puyallup we are clouds and 53 here in seattle at komo our time right out tonight thirty five neighbors of a company if a civic that pumped shouting cleans portable toilets said they've had enough four families are now shooting oh suing at his honey blockage saying the stand she's making her children gag when they play outside shoulder suing to shut the place down leon boiled yankee works next door to honey bucket he says the smell isn't as bad as it was a year ago if kind of on an offer their armed if palin are some brought there victor let it does not now scott anymore their cultural if you will notice when you walk out cliff now all human which neighbours however strongly disagrees september 29th appears county judge will decide whether to grantham class action status that would allow up to 75 your by families to take part in the suit we contacted honey bucket four response to the story were still waiting to hear from them he recall news a bill in congress which set aside nearly sixty two million dollars to help clean up wells contaminated by the military's use of firefighting foams mosaic heintz reports of pastor with three bases here in our state the money set aside for remediation and restoration is included in the national defense authorization act which is sponsored by us senator maria cantwell the legislation is expected to gain senate approval this week senator her wall says the firefighting foams contain certain chemicals which studies have linked to cancer immune disorders and developmental damage the defense department is a dinovite some four hundred us bases with known or suspected release of the chemicals contaminants have been detected in wells near naval station would be ireland jblm and spokane's fairchild airforce base eric heintz komo news tribal leaders might launch their own planned attacks carbon emissions here in our state as follows the failure of another group to try to get a statewide carbontax initiative on eight november 2018 ballard to include the tribes fawn sharp president of the affiliate of tribes of north west indian says there's a very little likelihood.

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