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Up. Big Time the final solution has already begun elsewhere. They know what fate awaits them board. Those trains July Twentieth Nineteen Forty two in the morning at seven. Thirty two gestapo. I ask Mendy how much truth. There is in the rumors I he replies that he has heard nothing I turned to brought. He also knows nothing would ask if it could happen he replies he knew of no such scheme uncertain. I left his office I proceeded to his chief commissar. Bom He told me it was not his department but Haman might say something about the rumors. I mentioned that according to the rumors the deportation tation is to start tonight seven thirty. He replied that he would be bound to know something. If we're going to happen not seeing any way out went the deputy chief of section three sure he. He expressed his surprise hearing. The rumor informed that he knew nothing about it. Finally I asked whether I can tell the population their fears were groundless. He replied that I could. All the talk was utter nonsense since I ordered Leach to make the public announcement through the precinct police stations. I drove to our fault. He informed reported everything to the SS. Meanwhile I went onto Some other random names who expressed their indignation and promised investigation. He's been lied to right. Does he know the Nazi's or just telling you what he wants to hear to try to get him to keep the ghetto populist from panicking revolting he probably does right but the desire to believe that. Everything's GonNa be okay no matter how irrational that desire is. It's got to be so strong moments like this right. You just WanNa believe your cabinet when they tell you. Oh no no. No you guys won't be killed now not here. You guys have done everything. We've asked the other other the Jewish people they're going to be killed. You guys are the good guys right. It's insane to believe this not logical but you do anyways but because it's fucking terrifying to think anything else. July twenty first nineteen forty two in the morning at the community just before noon officers of the Security Police Order me to detain in my office. Those counselors dancers who were present in the community building soon the members of the council in my office or arrested in groups at the same time the senior officials of the provisioning authority with with GIPP ner heading the list are also seized. I decided to stay at the community until six PM. Having brought my wife Felicia there earlier. The evening was quiet during the night there deaths than or no during the night deaths the night desk. Not sure if that we mean there but they've taken his staff he knows that spells does nothing good. He knows. Now that no one's GonNa be spared July twenty second in the morning at seven thirty two community the borders of the small ghetto surrounded by a special unit in addition to the regular one Storm Storm in hoover. Hoffa is an associate's came at ten o'clock we disconnected. The telephone. Children were moved from the playground opposite community building. We were told that all Jews irrespective of sex and age with certain exceptions will be deported to the east by four PM. Today a contingent of six thousand people must be provided vited and this at the minimum will be the daily quota. We were ordered to vacate a building at one zero three zero Zonta Street for the German personnel. Who will be carrying out? The deportation station This stern fear hustle in charge of the deportation asked me into his office. This case fucking name by the way S. T. U. R. M. B. A. A. and F. H. R. E. R. F. H. O. F. L.. Get the Fuck Outta here to change it to Smith. Point fucking son of a bitch Stern Donovan Hoffa in charge. The deportation avenues office. Informed me that for the time being my wife was free but if the deportation were impeded in any way she would be the first first one to be shot as a hostage. Jesus fucking Christ Adam is now put in charge of making sure that six thousand at least six thousand men women and children are loaded into fucking death trains taken to a death camp every day and if anything goes wrong at any point. They're going to kill his wife. I've had some bad. It is a work. I've never had a day. This bad. Like in the Ballpark of this bad you hit your job will feel way better right now as your boss asked you to coordinate what your friends neighbors. You'RE GONNA ascended death camp as your boss told you they're gonNA kill your fucking wife if you don't do your job right. Not so bad. I mean the cartoonish evil now no wonder some idiots or holocaust deniers right. It's hard to process this much evil just mentally. So what by the way if you are a Holocaust denier. You're being a huge fucking doc. An asshole an idiot. Actually that is strong enough. You're being account. Pull your fucking head out of your stupid ass and knock that off but I just keep putting this crazy crazy scenario into a modern office this guy dealt with his real life. I mean it's really hard to wrap my head around to something like. Hey Glenn Ed Glenn can you come to my office for second you talking about. He first off. Good job on handling the MacArthur account. you've done a great job. Orders over ten percent year to year. PROFIT FIT overall is down. No down five percents. And that's that's well. It's got the board riled up so I'm going to need you to fire twenty percent of your staff I I know you don't want to. I know you don't want I know it's going to hurt especially right now before Christmas. But you gotTa do a buddy if you don't we're not just GONNA fire you Glenn we're GonNa Kill Your fucking wife. It's insane. July twenty third. The following dire entry written the next day July twenty third. It's GonNa be Adams last entry. He writes in the morning to community worth off from the deportation staff came and we discussed several problems. He exempted the vocational school students from deportation. The husbands of working women as well he told me to take up the matter of orphans with awful the same with reference to craftsman when I asked for the number of days per week in which the operation will be carried out on. Excuse me the answer. Seven days a week throughout the town. A great rush to start new workshops throughout the town a great. I don't know a sewing machine can save a lot of. There's a great rush. Starting to workshop a sewing machine can save a life. It is three three o'clock so far. Four thousand ready to go the orders are there must be nine thousand. By four o'clock. Some officials came to the post office issued instructions at all incoming letters and parcels be diverted to Provide prison and that was all atom and write in his diary. He did write two letters after this. A personal one whose wife and wanted to Jewish Council. He worked with in a letter to the council. He wrote S- They are demanding that I killed the children of my people with my own hands. There was nothing for me to do but but die and later that night. Adam swallowed potassium cyanide pill lay down and did just at Tournai because wife servive the war made the diary available. Josten only son escaped from the ghetto fled the Soviet occupied territory but did not survive the war and that takes us out of this heavy as flock block times time-line good job soldier made it back. Bear.

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