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Guys are like barely rose barely. Mba much less rotation guys. And i you know they. There's a little bit of a reckoning with the celtics team. I think because they've had a lot of traffic over the last couple of years. They went all in on that. You know giving a ton of money to horford and kyri and hayward then having the two young guys and they had this window and now the windows. Kinda over brown and tatum encumber the three expensive guys And none of those rookies have really turned into impact guys even as bench. Guys you know whether grant would prob. Yeah whether grant williams can do it. Maybe but you know every air. It's like hero. You look at just miami two drafts. That are obama and hero or two drafts three years and they just were never able to ahead on any of those draft picks whether they did it this year. I don't know. But i i think they will be better as we get to the end of the season. I don't think this is a fifty two win team. Which is what that over under. So i'm going under Next one is miami so you know forty three and a half for the over under that gets you to a fifty one and thirty one season their minded stranger for the division plus seven hundred for the conference twenty two one to win the title and the case for them being better this year would just be hero and and doug robinson be better You know the guys that moved in and out. I think they're going to miss crowder at mr malleability with him The ability go little small and whatever but for the most part whatever carcasses in now and every bradley's iguala they get him for full year. They'll be fine. I the the reason. I'm going over as i think. Robinson and hero will be better this year and i do think this is a top three team in the east. I think it's a really good team. So i'm gonna go slight over for them. What do you have us. I'm also going over This is a recurring theme with me with the top of the east. I haven't taken an under yet but this miami team to me speaking of dark horse you know. Don't sleep on them. Franchises that might try and add a super duper star and really put their foot down in an effort to try and win the nba title this year. That's pat riley. That's this miami team. They do have pieces. I agree with the assessment that they're developing players are are going to be better and i also think that they did a good job of shopping. I think that that you know harmless and avery bradley will both fit in the what spoelstra wants to do. I think they're good additions. Kendrick nunn is a is a good defensive player You know they're they're they're well conceived and deep across the board so i like the miami over priscilla. I was really curious to see with number. Would come out at and in vegas nails it again or they're not freaking out about the making the finals last year because they were a forty nine win pace team in a normal season last year There's an argument to be made that it's it's one of the weaker teams that have made an nba finals. So do we just go. Oh wow they made it to. Finals compete for championship. Actually got a couple of games off the lakers. Even with all those injuries. Now everybody's back in healthy like this team's going to vegas doesn't see it that way. But that's why. I think the values in this number at fifty winds go for it. I would bet the over here now when we talked about denver jamal murray showed us a version of himself that he had never been before. Butler also did that last year and is he. He's not gonna be like the frontier regular season in his true shooting stuff from who. He wasn't a playoffs too. He wasn't a regular season. I mean he couldn't hit a shot from outside last year the regular season and then he just a all world and it turns into this. How can people have butler outside of the top five or top ten like oh because of all the other years last year was probably the second best season of his career. Will he be that same guy. Probably i mean look. Let me rephrase it. He'll be just as motivated. Because it's jimmy butler. That's his dna. But i don't know if the shooting and all that stuff's going to add up but look at where they're at i. I like the number being lower going say team like boston. It's still getting a couple of wins higher their projection manley fair with the over in wi. I waffled on it. A little bit was just. We were so close to the end of last season. And you know they. With the bubble combined with four playoff rounds and the physicality is some of those games and then eight weeks later. We're back the lakers are in the same position. Miami does have. Anthony davis lebron james. And i worry about them holding up physically which is why i wouldn't bet this but i they're just going to be so good as a shooting team especially drudge back. I really felt like. I know you said are forty nine win team last year. I thought the team that ended round three was not forty. Nine win team anymore actually thought they they tapped into something that is going to translate to this season like that the they just kinda learned how to play with each other and And i don't know the collective basketball and this of of who they have whatever no brings all that stuff i think. What if what. If hero is way more stable as a player and lights it up you know what if what if duncan is passable on defense. More heartless isn't going to be as aggressive as crowder probably as an offensive decision maker but what. Avery bradley covers now for drug. It's where he doesn't feel he's worn out all the time. So yeah. there's there's way. I'm i'm with you and i'm not trying to diminish what that run was because that was a special run. What the group did. They just came together But i think there's way more way more ways to spin this into a positive about where they're where they're headed and they have to look at every every one of these teams always feel like i'd like a little bit more depth. I mean you know. Look that's the problem. You're gonna have nine guys you're in love with always kind of liked tarkwa. Saas me too. I'm i'm i'm excited to see him. Don't know he's one of those guys. I've always been waiting for him to find the right team. And now i think he's been on about eighteen. Months had very patient. He acted really patient. You're one of the celtics. Get him next. One is Toronto which is forty two and a half that translates to about fifty plus four forty win the division pushing fifty for the conference plus five forty not to make the.

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