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Six years stretched out a little bit longer than expected i they call me every two or three years of asked me what's going on and i send them my new military orders and they're kinda line okay so anyway essam in the fire community and i've been very frugal my entire career i'd been a big saver and in a big investor and the things that i invested in are pretty pretty basic i'm going to put my money in the sp 500 index fun right like that's that's what i do i don't play with stocks at all in on a plan a games with with charge sin in craziness like that a ball has been roof frugal and another thing that i that i do or did that is unusual is i paid off my primary mortgage on that two hundred eighty thousand dollars townhouse in alexandria virginia i pay that often six years so i had you know that paid free and clear which also brought an additional cash flow once it was pay off how did you pay for six years i just get such a good question gives us the because the as what everybody would ask first of all the money from flipping houses was going into paying that are okay but also her let me think about that no it was paid off before it was paid off before i flipped houses what i did with that was again putting money into the index funds that that money was growing at the time and it was making good money and i was just like taking all of my extra money again people in the fire community fire the financial depends retired early community a lot of times they'll try to live off of less than fifty percent of what they're making and we were definitely direct we were living under private less and put all the rest to investments in an in my case it wasn't new weren't invested in yet we were just paying off our mortgage so we're the kind of people that you know don't buy new cars you know don't take fancy vacations don't by fancy nice furniture don't buy gucci bags right we don't do it our friends are doing we don't go out to dinner that often we don't go out drinking let me go to restaurants which is rare we don't get appetizer.

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