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The big teak a book got a knockout like that i feel like we'd all be like guy luke rocco that he's the guy he's going to be fine them and we will have a problem with israeli there's a company they'll a couple of convoluted things going on in their that make people hesitate but ultimately when you look at the guys behind him kevin gas was like the the closest you get to a guy who hasn't been in there but i don't see him leapfrogging it you know from the situation so i'd rather see this fight than any other that they can present both you guys mentioned well he was the guy who who came in and save the say the main event i i kind of feel pretty strongly that cannot factor into whether guy gets the title shot i feel like that we're talking now that's commerce that's that's the that the ofc's bottomline money and the other thing is competition and i feel as though the only way that a guy should be uh a earning a title shot is via what he does as a competitor i haven't that's ignoring every other decision that you seen make style all based horse i'm not saying that this is looked that's the reality of the way things are done but it certainly the way that when you're when i'm asked the question about what wall who i think should get a title shot on basing a purely upon you know what that person has done as as a as a competitor and you know factoring in the fact that he lost that he lost the other that he missed weight um you know that kind of knocks down a few notches but unfortunately for the ufc there's nobody else who it was like one notch below ms everybody else was about three notches below owner and nobody else really rises to that too that uh that i level is there anything that any nine eligible twin a fight in the night ghana's and yet he gets the ultimate prize and that's tennis shot like how how banned words is that well this is the same card were a guy who gouge somebody's i'll bonus you figure back after dowling on that one little by my up the junge is this is a guy who is in a deep.

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