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If you squat three hundred pounds, you're gonna use one hundred and fifty pounds and try like eight sets of like three reps. Why are the sets high in the reps? Low the sets are high and the reps are low because you need rest in between. Ev e need rest in between those three reps that you're doing in order to restore the ability to have enough speed enough force behind the next lift you understand what I mean. So you're gonna do eight sets of three reps. But there's going to be about a minute in between every set maybe even longer maybe up to two minutes because you want to restore your energy to be able to move the next set fast as well. So if you did sets of eight, you know, instead of sets of three or sets to if he did sets eight you would lose energy, you would lose the strength that you have to be able to still produce the same amount of four. So we're trying to do over eight sets of three reps over twenty four reps. We're trying to produce about approximately the same amount of force with every single rep that we do. So that makes sense everybody on page forty three with me. That's what we're trying to do. But if we did three sets of eight instead, we would not. Not be able to keep up that same intensity. We wouldn't be able to have that same intent. It would change the way that we're lifting even though the volume and the intensity overall might still be the same. I got a question for you five straight days of Kito ish food. But no carbs really nervous about. I am nervous about everything last night. Those thinking about how like I'm probably gonna way less in the morning, and I'm not having a ton of food. And we have our crazy squad session. Why do you think it felt amazing for me though? Like, I kind of went against everything that I think I know about as far as having food and being prepared for a heavy squad day. I just think that those things don't matter as much and you're only few days into a diet too. So, you know, if we were if we were to fast forward, and you lost ten pounds from doing this diet that would I always said, the Kito genyk diet has never robbed me of energy. I've always felt good on it where it robs you strength is when you tend to lose if you lose a lot of weight, or if you start to lose the water in your muscles and things like that start to lose a bunch of water weight. You can have a little drop-off in your shrink. But also to we have not done a box squat in a little bit. And then also it was a higher box. So it's a good strong confidence boost. Yeah. And yeah, just allowed you to handle more weight than you used to. So that that's part of it feeling amazing. You know, as opposed to like when we bench the other day, and that's three you kinda got into the workout. A little bit late. And then it just just never really got an opportunity to feel right? Yeah. But she did do a lot of work, and he's still got through a lot of great sets and stuff but the tone. They talk about in a football game. They talk about like, let's set the tone a lot of times that tone starts with knocking someone's dick in the right like somebody just gets lit up. And it's like man that sets a tone for the whole day or a lot of teams will use like a screen pass to kind of set the quarterback up for feeling really good. Maybe they'll do a no huddle to get like a rhythm. And that's what you're trying to get out of every day the to do. And that's what I'm always trying to capture. I may not be the best at everything all the time. But I'm trying to do my best. I'm trying to set myself up for my best. I'm trying to find the over the middle slant pass and the screens I'm not throwing any bombs. You know, I wanna be really rare for me to load up and and and throwing from the fifty yard line into the end zone. Because I'm looking for what the defense is gonna give me I'm looking for..

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