Herrera, Alexander Rig, Santa discussed on NYCFC at L.A. Galaxy


Little break herrera's wanted up alexander rig is another alex colleges you too noted tom has played every minute of every game the season via as well as harrison and those are two key elements key players and you're not going to put of on the bench show any one time but that's one of the ways of years is going to have to manage this season and santa since along switched the far side of the field gutsy operating right to let it right to leftist a while but across at mitchell on on on the far side now galaxy me attacking at pedraza taken off his for by ring on the centre circle the jack harrison long switch harrison playing down the left flank a time trying to find jonathan lewis the youngster the number three overall pick does this antigraft out of accoring but la control now it's a long in your side on ashley cole while jonathan lewis has pace and that is greatest app tribunal right now he still looking apologists skills so any time you can look at play in behind and it was about forty yards space in behind harrison noah scuffed at a bit you couldn't get it over the head of the right back vaughn on holt fourthminute swore this from step up senator tom poulter glenn kwiksave for joining us on the fan for your to the afc soccer a foul and it'll be a freekick for new york city in the attacking half as they operate left to right in a four three three a rare rig mcnamara's midfield lewis via harrison of top sweat colin growing up like the back line john johnson engulf wall in the centre circle with outs collins couple dribbles over the midfield line plays a to be his first touch now back in the centre circle and six which it out to near sidelined is frederick brilliant will yacht played ninety minutes in the last three matches worked in therefore maxime snow continues to.

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