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News time seven nineteen sixty seven degrees sunshine in boston we'll see clouds moving in this afternoon the high temp around eighty and good morning i'm deb lawler top stories now department of homeland security secretary kerstin nielsen a fierce defender of the trump administration zero tolerance policy toward immigration was heckled by group of protesters while she was having dinner at a mexican restaurant last night a group chanted no borders no walls sanctuary for all among other slogans several cars randolph were vandalized overnight about twenty in total were riddled with black spray paint some featuring messages of hate and foxborough a car was literally split in half after crashing into a telephone pole on cedar street the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries in other news another flare up in the tense border battle between israel and hamas rule gaza strip cbs's robert berger reports from jerusalem palestinian militants fired forty five rockets and mortars at southern israel prompting israeli air strikes on twentyfive hamas targets in gaza violence has flared on the gaza border for nearly three months and it could escalate further palestinians have been flying burning kites across the border causing massive damage to his rayleigh crops and forests and israel is vowing to retaliate robert berger cbs news jerusalem giant operation against a legal wildlife trade results have millions of dollars worth of seizures and the identification of over fourteen hundred suspects across the world the seizures include forty tons of wild meat and over a ton of elephant ivory the muslim operation involved ninety three countries some middle school students and ashland get a glimpse of the past courtesy of a locker wbz's bernice corpuz reports the locker was opened yesterday decades after it had been turned into a a time capsule students these days are familiar with internet slang like tbt for throwback thursday and fbi for flashback fridays but students david mendez school got a different kind of throwback locker number one thirty it revealed what life was like before the internet became a common part of everyday life it was remarkable how much even twenty five years how much has changed on thorpe turned the locker into a time capsule of the year nineteen ninety three when he was a student there one of the things that we had in the time capsule was jc penney's catalog current students that have been does middle school who are twelve years old are watching this and encourage me that they've never even seen a cow locker also contain copies of sports illustrated comic books and newspapers bernice corpuz wbz newsradio ten thirty starting this september residents of new york city will see a change in policy for those caught smoking marijuana in public cbs's marcia kramer reports this is bill de blasio the man who once told me he only smoked marijuana one sir twice when i was nyu but what about now some days i wish i did now wants to go easy knows caught smoking in public ordering the nypd to issue criminal summonses instead of arresting people next year we think at least ten thousand fewer new yorkers will be arrested the mayor insisted it would start to end racial disparities whereas many as eighty six percent of marijuana arrests are people of color some steps have already been taken to relax the city's approach manhattan's da says he'll no longer prosecute marijuana possession and smoking cases beginning in august we have a critical weather alerts report caused damage across.

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