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Our of our friends in the songwriting community from Nashville out to join us on stage, so going back and forth. About then pop them yet. The nicest guy was bright young Astros with them three of them. Now. Hey greg. On the guy. Hey, there anymore. Thank you. You know, for like the two songs you do the talking on. We don't want to split four ways I don't. I'm kidding. I was talking to them about their Vegas residency because. Like if I do stand up Vegas, they treat you so good. And I'm just doing one show, and I'm like, how's it? He's like, oh, man. They fly us out. Yeah. Put us up. We just go and do our deal, and they take care of everything. And there were super nice guys. That's cool. I guess my question is Richard Marx. Did you guys do? How will be? And the second he started singing it was like it was the radio like he sounded the exact same as the album. I mean. Down on the stage like on his on his Elba just looking at him. Like, oh, my gosh. Head hero trying to. Amazing over grew up the most. The logic like well written love song. You really is like the archetype slow dance. I still do at home alone. Yeah. Thank you. Listen. We could be here all day and lady antebellum. We're going to play it again a little bit the world. Premiere of what if I never get over you and I title over, you know. No, there's a lot of words there. Give us an extra five second. Wind wind. Oy. Sounds like a game. Castle win. All right. Oh, yeah. Thank you. And we'll see. Twitter. Did you know the Firestone now offers an industry-leading ninety day by and try guarantee? If you're.

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