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She knocked off Jonathan lines loser. She is now the big boss. Pretty cool. Second thing that I think you need to know is. And this is this is another thing that is huge twelve thousand migrants. It's now at twelve thousand migrants. The the number of the southern Mexican border twelve thousand and another caravan is gonna leave February sixteenth. But there's no crisis. Right. Third thing. I think you need to know, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. You have the president saying that there is less than a fifty fifty chance that he thinks that the deal can be struck between Republicans Democrats, and he said I'm gonna use the nuclear option baby. I'm going to call the now I'm gonna I'm gonna use the I'm going to declare national state of emergency. Lamar Alexander Republican says we should be able to get to the funding and get a deal by February fifteenth. We'll see. Three things. I think you need to know. So we have that. Now, we're going to get to you the sound bite of of what happens. He again, Fox News Sunday. What do people say about Trump a NATO and things like that? Oh, he's he's destroy American say this McCain said this until he passed away flake until he went in an elevator and hid there. And by the way, now that I got a good Facebook comment. I'll take it. Now that Kelli ward is in charge of the Arizona Republican party. Jeff flake is crying in an elevator. Anyway, ruining our our relationship with allies, blah, blah, blah. We'll get to that. What are you at the head of NATO president of NATO said about President Trump is doing I I wanna I wanna jump the Dave. Dave walk McCain STI, Dave. Hey, good morning Garrett. How are you? All right. What's happened, man? So I wanna make a couple of things called. I I thought from the beginning that the president should build a wall fence barrier. Whatever dumping. Secondly, you have kids, and you know, when you're dealing with kids. You can tell them that you're going to do something that you don't follow through with that. They're not going to believe you the next time you wiped out finger at them or or or threatened them with the consequence. And I see that. I was asking Ryan, how do you? How do you still stand up and support the president on Monday morning 'cause I feeling shaved? And the thing of it is is that. Come February, the twenty eighth or whatever the heck the deal is if he doesn't get the funding, which I'm ninety nine point nine percent sure is not going to. And he doesn't build the wall. Whatever you wanna call it. He's he's become just like the other five hundred thirty five. Okay. I don't have you just tuned in have you heard me give state my case as to why. I think he's winning. I just okay. All right. No, no. That's okay. And listen, I I wanted this because I was inundated on Friday after he made a speech by people saying he caved. That's mike. All right. So here's again, let's play that sound bite since you called in. Dave, I want you to hear this just just stay with me said something very key. I thought his speech and we'll play it again. And he's very very poor ninety one horrible number because John beers is a snake, but ninety one here, we go listen to this a bipartisan conference committee of house and Senate lawmakers and leaders. Will immediately begin reviewing the requests of our homeland security, experts and experts they are here it is. And also law enforcement professionals who have worked with us so closely so for the longest time border patrol guys the guys that run the union and their agents, Brandon Judd Arto Cueto told me that Democrats have never reached out to them. They've never have once. They don't wanna they haven't talked to any of them. And they're they're near the experts. So now, I think Trump did this strategically for a couple of years. He said, I want giant concrete wall. Ask for the moon. He knew he wasn't gonna get it. Now, it's done to steal slats. Exactly what border agents and Nancy will never give in to him. And he knows. So he's saying, you know, what I can't come to deal with this. I'm going to open up the government, I gave negotiations I gave compromise. She gave nothing I'm taking myself out dances out. We're going to have Republicans and Democrats meet with the expertise force them to listen to what border patrol says is needed to secure the border. So now, all of a sudden, the Democrats say we're against this. They're not saying they're against Trump. They're seeing their against the border agents, the security experts, and I think that hurts them so very much because Americans aside from a minority of crazies want border security. That's my take on that. I just think that you know, the the what is it? What does this do? I forget what they call the three hundred pound gorilla in the room is the media because the media constantly constantly badgers. Them talk smack about him reports stuff that they should. And like I said bottom line is if he doesn't build something after the fifteen into big slap in the face to all of us yourself included who have stood with okay. Regardless. I got I got you. But what did what I say? Did it dummies sense to you? Do you agree disagree? You don't think it? No. I I totally agree. I think that I was talking with my wife he other day about on. And I was talking to her about the field slapping, and because you can see through exactly what the border patrol said they want in the area. So I think that all makes sense. But it doesn't mean that the Democrats are gonna go along with it. I mean, look at look at Heather mouthpieces of Alexandria, Cossio Cortez for crying out loud accordingly. All over that, man. Balloon cheese. I gotcha. You've got then you've got Kirsten's cinema with Hooker. Outfit. Well, who's probably in an elevator somewhere with Jeff flake or somebody else? I mean, I wouldn't call her Hooker. I call her an appropriate, but that's eight hundred dollars. They're not interested. They're not interested in doing what's right? But don't know again. I don't know how much you list. I played there are at least. I mean, there are dozens of Democrats that have gone on the record and said that a barrier needs to be part of the solution. Even stunning Hoyer, the number two. So I think you take Nancy out Cortez. Listen, even Democrats, don't like Cortez. So you take her out to? I'm just saying I think that's really I could be wrong. That's my take. And I think if they don't they don't come to a deal he's gonna say national emergency any the supreme court. The supreme court has said that he has the power to do that. Be lawsuits and all kinds of crap like that to try and stop doing it. Hey, hang on for me. And I appreciate I want to play one more. We'll we'll delay the NATO stuff. I want you to hear this real quick for me. Also, Dave since you're there. Where ninety seven. Supreme court. Mark meadows, congressman, Mark meadows, Republican conservative guy. Neil Cavuto asked him about that. Right. He says, hey, so you know, he's going to be big lawsuits and stuff like that to stop him. If he declares a national -mergency. And he he says I don't think there's going to be listening to why here y'all less look at ten USC sections to seventy four to eighty four and to your viewers..

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