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Was Five and a half five and a half. Well, that's generous mark. I think they hear it again but like. I'm not sure that she had maybe five or six it depends. RHINO TOLLS HAS MINUS THIRTY, seven she. Put another shrimp on the Bobby Mates. Oh, three three. That's Rasping. Dave, Dave, Scofield, and Jeff, Hartmann, they loved to Jennifer Lopez I can't even do that. That's the weirdest thing though like I've never heard anyone say that ever. Met Like no-one said Jennifer Lopez in shrine accent ever. From a movie Oh so they cathy says she loves the genuine Aussie accents and I know it's a little bit better. A lot of people are saying. Jessie. George said, Hey, early for a show mate. One of the reasons we're going a little earlier than we usually do. These guys want to go to bed then it's eleven pm but I really WanNa talk about our show and Matty said it's about two guys in Australia, two blokes. and. Just talking football. And that's what I wanted to be. So there's a lot of this going to be a lot of stuff on the show. that. You're not familiar with. With the slang and I want you guys to be talking about that on the show and that's what they're going to be doing. What is one of the things mark that you mentioned yesterday? On Your your slang. You mentioned the fact that a phrase called Fair Dinkum. What is fair for Dick Dinkum? Nah I basically like we would always site strategy but like fading Maine's. Like truthful trail. That's like that's what it is. So someone says you know you might have driving a contra now the president like fading him like it's just a it's a bit of shock value. So but we use these words all the time like Sagan's a fun one decided. They met with us it all like everyday loss for life for me on the car I'm. Pretty much again, but yeah, fading the funny one to say, no clue in a bogan is but we`ll Get we'll find out what that is. Yes. Mattie. Now, this is really interesting. It's not Aussie. It's Ozzy. Okay. I didn't know that. Yeah I. Think it's something that we say a lot like a strategy tend to run some of our words together if you guys over there in the US you really soda accentuate those sound. So over here, it's it's not Aussie. It's it's Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie. Osborne and it's more said with that with that. Zet, rather than that S. I've. I've never really heard of his to so to really awesome I. AM loving it. Now I know you guys told me the other day when we were talking about this. You told me that you. Australia has learned a lot from when MTV got over there. What that about fifteen years ago Yeah, the of. That but yet, quite mainstream about fifteen ezio. American slang is very popular over there as well. Right big time. It's just a culture. I think we learned as as young as we learned that they watch movies and when we got America, we expect to say the simpsons everywhere and stuff like that. So it's all American like Sonnenfeld, and like actually went to that that cafe and I tried to go into something rope ice united. That's what's GonNa be. Yeah, it was class. Destroyer in the nineties when they when they did a poll of kids between twelve and eighteen Jordan the most popular Australian sportsperson of the time so. That's that's absolutely amazing. WHO's the most popular now? All right. It'd be a lot that would know Tom Brady but I think it's probably more in the in the soccer space. You probably can't messy orches- gentleman. May Even basketball, it's probably to. Lebron. Big Time. Yeah. I would think in Lebron and the the Lakers. Went past the blazers. Last night for me in probably today for you. So. Really interesting. Guys One. Mark. You said it was a wild ride today. Could you explain that? Yes I, what we did our I guess audition tightwad yesterday with May Matt and for to be onus. May and matrimony Spike five times But we've already got that I was trying connection. You know like I treat everyone would respect in. That kind of stuff. So I. got this morning at eight thirty and I go to from yourself and I like, Oh, I've got the trouble. We might have some podcast coming up I couldn't believe it like I was just in shock and then you know Luncheon. chewed out a little bit today, and now here I met living pm like we talked to you this morning cy and it's now the roles are reversed. Like it's quite crazy. Many. What are your thoughts? I think marks, passions infectious. I? MEAN WE WE Oversee we been talking on schedule. For, quite a while back down under an stuffing and commenting on each other alike different articles and posts but had a good chat loss way. Can we've had a lot of chats through this way inside a say some this needs to be able to she needs be you know contribute to the? Family that US has been so helpful in being fans down on during on the other side of the world it's wholesome. So yeah definitely was Kanai Bush, woke myself today. So quite stereotypical as a little bit dad that. was. Nice. Go ahead and great to be with everyone today on the side of the road. That's on my to do list a Bush Bush walk. I don't know if I could do that in Maryland or maybe you have to go to Pittsburgh for that I'm not sure what? Snakes. Thanks. I'm glad to know that I I can I can assure Lincoln. Guys I I. So excited have you that Maddie it's not your first time would be pse because you have written some articles in the last year you've collaborated with Dave Scofield to Go ahead and put some articles on the line. So you're very familiar with that mark. You've been with our family for about a little over two years that I've seen. I've seen yet here on the chat. So it's great to have you guys here in a part of the family and get a really find out and I don't want to take all of your thunder because the show was awesome. Yesterday and we're going to have the every single week and we're, GONNA be talking about steelers and the game's going forward what happened in the week. But what I want to find out is really your first experience. As a steeler fan. Now, you talk about on the show how you became steeler fan and I'm not going to give that up because I I want everybody to go ahead and download that and listen to it Logie Lorenzo asks have you guys ever been to Pittsburgh and I'm going to answer that question for you, Logan? Yes they have. So I wanNA talk about those. Mark. Let's go with you first. With Pittsburgh to say the overall experience Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh I've been there three times. I've I've Sorry. I've been there in two thousand fifteen when my first time when I went to. My first American my friend, Dylan We did hall America from like La? All the way to New York and is it to him he went home and this is I've a during football forty nine. It was laying up to some of the idea was hopefully that the steelers would make super bowl and I would be in the city. They fell short that you're not to show her they lost to account remember this moment them but. With a Denver. yes everybody.

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