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The league campaign pain kicking off this weekend athletico madrid. Perhaps the most change team of the front runners the ins and outs of headline by greenspan's departure lucas. It's an desert rodri- also leaving but zhao felix miranda making his move permanent guarantee of kibera trip here of course <hes> from sedentary different looking athletic majel felix the headline act a great preseason with the coaching eras five games three goals and forces for the man who cost one hundred twenty million young portuguese phenomenon sandwich the ninth season of l. chile diego simione is what we're looking at very different looking athletico. What's we level of expectation for them. Do you think one of the moment it feels like the expectation is that this is going to be the best of his teams. Now i think it possibly as early to say that and if you call it your minds back to early in the summer when we were looking at those departures that list you've shown just there this six regular starters in that team of players who've left and not just six regular starts but as you really embodied the kind of the identity the team you philippi lewis and one from that's who fullbacks how long they've been there the importance of golden the departure of rotary aura. He was a new arrival but he was kinda. The midfielder who's gonna take the place likes gabby for many years and of course grease men in there as well and you look at that and nothing for there's a problem here because they don't just need to change players. They're going to need to change the identity entirety. Toddy identity didn't feel like it fitted exactly with samir only with all of the things that seem yanni is being for the previous season's atletico madrid now what's happened in preseason season is to completely blow those ideas apart as to show to us or at least to make us thought to think hang on this could really work this new athletico madrid could could be every bit as good as the previous ones may even better and of course there's lots of reasons for it but one of them is that name at the top of the agile alex who's been absolutely brilliant now. It's a lot to ask. It's a huge amount of pressure to put on him but simione said the other day. One of the great things about mc seems to keep on learning. He keeps them working hard. I don't think he's a club that won't let him rest whether they'll give him the creativity and the freedom to create and to be that player that he's been we don't really know for sure but the early signs in preseason all aw this could really work and if it could really work if they really are as good as it currently looks. Why shouldn't they compete for the league. Title diego cost out this weekend against the topics sound felix compete. The only thing is it's a wait and see with particularly the by four which has been obliterated four was really the thing that glued them together for a long period because it was so in june with each other and we know how they defended the defendant times at might be a a bit more of an exciting athletico madrid say this year and not walk them with a fleet up front so yeah i mean you got to make changes at some point nice what would see and i think that made the big changes the big guys out some fresh faces and why not absolutely can give the two boys around for money paul. You're looking looking for watching them. I am yeah. I think i've always been admira simione a-this terrific manager we get the best. What is the system that enjoy whether we enjoy watching them. Play previously is questionable book. I think with this young kid assists joe phillies. E is a really special talent. I've got no doubt that they will be given the freedom to express himself and this is when when you when you're in a football club and you see a special talent coming to the football club you gotta feed a lot. Lot is a very very special talent so i think they come push the nothing they're going to be attractive to what you think without question they push boss on this..

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