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Up so you end up with high rises and if you go to a European cities or to Vancouver you'll see grocery stores and restaurants and other amenities on the ground floor and then people living above it. You're beginning to see that more in America and that is another step toward this future and another thing that we're seeing as a trend is cities are actually taking some streets and making it where you can actually take a vehicle on there you can. It's kind of. They're giving it back to the pedestrian to the citizens and you can take my mobility by schools. Walking and only buses can go through but no like Uber lift and no personal vehicles as well and that's happening like with market street in San Francisco. We're seeing that in Madrid. We're seeing throughout Europe as well where they're taking back into their making it more of a community where people feel safe one to use micro mobility services like that but also to be able to get some that congestion off the road and there are a couple of places where. I do feel like our government is starting to do the right thing. So let's get with give just a small hand To the Department of Transportation who wrote today about their smart city challenge It's their way of encouraging cities to show what's possible when they use technology to connect transportation Assets into an interactive data fueled network. The challenge is going to award up to forty million dollars in federal funding to medium sized cities that are selected through this competition. That's actually pretty cool. You're also seeing Private companies helping with that as well. So Ford actually created a division called the Ford One city one challenge. Were there also selecting cities that have a high potential like Mexico City or Columbus Ohio for example and giving them one hundred thousand dollars to create that infrastructure and work with them as well on the ground because they understand that in order for them to be able to create these mobility services and for them to be adopted and utilized they have to have them through structure so if they have to pay for themselves and they have to be part of that discussion? So be it an. It's become this really interesting thing that like cities like Miami Dade or Mexico City for example participated in and have seen a lot of Growth you guys would be excited about their Build America Transportation Investment Center. They planned to have a single point of contact and coordination for all states municipalities and transportation project sponsors that are looking to use the federal expertise and apply for federal credit programs. Yeah that's where when a spoke of earlier about the tiffy program that the federal government has in their build America Bureau. Tiffy is Dan for transportation infrastructure financing. Act that's where the federal government will loan Upwards of billions and billions and billions of dollars for Very large scale transportation projects throughout the country. And that's a part of the build America Bureau and the government. The federal government is a partner. It sounds like we've got a long way to go and some of the way we're going to go is up. That'll be interesting. So I'm going to break out my roller skates and below this popsicle stand. Thank you really silo. Melika Japan gearing and of course at Larssen. Join US again on politics. Meet me in the middle. If you can catch up to me on this very cool electric scooter. Please subscribe to the show and it would be so much help. If you raise us in recommend us to your friends you can also subscribe to the show on Apple podcasts. Stitcher or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcast. This episode was produced and edited by Mike. Thomas Audio Engineering. By Michael Kennedy and the theme music was composed and performed by. Celeste and Eric Dick. Thanks for listening. Broome Kirk Oh media media for your mind..

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