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And I love the song where he was like his stays fake. So fuck without reese's fucking. I remember I listened to that one one and the video with the robot. I like that track. You know, it's funny popped up in my eyes Spotify like most listen to songs the two thousand eighteen I was very supply friend was fucking it up dropped that's top. Okay. Album dropped February second that was early on. It was he cancelled his tour for the album man of the woods. So now, the tourists still called man of the woods, but it's just W U L D S. Because he would do it. If you could any came he cancelled it because vocal issues for real. But well, he said he cancelled it. He really can't count them. But it really I can't nobody by them. Take. Oh, yeah. Damn Justin Timberlake. Also dropped in February. That's when Kodak dropped heartbreak Kodak on February fourteenth while it's funding in six nine had dropped day sixty nine on February twenty third. So that happened in February moving along to March March second, Tori lanes drop memories don't die which was a project that I played a lot of lots of drop to the floor. If he keeps fucking Royce to five nine did you see what's going on? I don't have no idea of any of that long story short roasted five now, it was something about an opinion between opinion between RAB battle between Tory lanes and someone else I'm not gonna say a lot of names, but toy lanes and Royce the five nine went back and forth on Twitter. It was very brief because we're five nine is not really with that shit. That initiative ain't made it clear. So my gosh, it's a lot going on. It's real in the field. Right. Also dropped in March also quality control little Yati. Little boat to logic dropped Bobby Tarantino to and XXX dropped his question Mark album r I p two x Toni Braxton dropped sex and cigarettes. All right. That was a good little project. I remember I gave it a couple of spins is that she has other Grammy nominations. Yeah. I never was good is held at long as live video. Yes. I love first of all I love Toni Braxton's videos, like she always puts out a good look kinda like Mariah like they always put out like good looks. They don't put out like all right one. I'm older and I'm slipping from the aero videos were big budget productions high Williams high Williams little X. They definitely have that science down a rich. The kid dropped the world is yours which was that. I was really fucking with. Because that's when he went wild within track with Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B kicked off. April when she dropped off invasion of.

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