Idaho Supreme Court, Sales Tax, Legislature discussed on Idaho's First Morning News


The idaho supreme court in a four one ruling yesterday afternoon upheld governor butch otter veto of legislation removing the state six percent sales tax on groceries but the high court also ruled the idaho constitution actually requires the legislature to present all of their bills to the governor before they adjourned for the year a ruling that could significantly change how the idaho legislature operates at the end of its annual session each year the spokesmanreview reports today the lawmakers who sued contended that the exact wording of the state constitution only gave the governor ten days from their session's adjournment not room when he received the bill under their approach autres veto the grocery tax bill came too late and the bill became law without his signature now otter argues that going with the lawmakers interpretation would allow the legislative branch disdain me the governor's ability to actually veto a bill by simply delaying them until it's too late eight and the deadline had been passed meanwhile the idaho secretary of state lord's danny's office has agreed not to jeopardize idaho voter information by sending it to the presidential advisory commission on election integrity senator marietta jordan explain some voters decided they would rather unregistered that allow that had him formation to be sent to the trump commission can can push to keep them commissioner our along and i will encourage people not q unregistered bouquet we're going to renewed poked nobleman pain had been cut brigadier and the part of the settlement the idaho democratic party dropped their legal action which was filed last week which seeks a temporary restraining order against the secretary of state and your report find some water treatment plants may be polluting waters in idaho that we swim and play in.

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