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_s_r a news i'm wrong to watch trip soldiers in paris is or earlier port confronted it would be shooter saturday morning bbc's correspondent you schofield them and suddenly launch himself against a woman the soldier who was part of a three person military patrol trying to grab para so frye forty four start to the ground the two other soldier has been open five and killed him police major tree made a link with the previous incident this morning in return motorist in the more than para suburbs open phi with appellate gun on a police patrol that stopped him for a check it's now established but this is the same man who carried out the only attack schofield adds the prosecutor says the thirty year old french born suspect yelled that he wanted to die the name of all up also what s around news dot com detroit police say a man charged with attempted murder in the shooting of two police officers has been linked by dna evidence to the fatal shooting in november of all wayne state university police sergeant going ever their their forensic a match it's significant but as uh pointed out it represents one part not the total parts detroit police she jeans craig tells w x y z tv the officers injuries are not live threatening although one was shot in the neck the wall street journal reporting president trump is chosen the husband of white house counts for kelly and conway they had the civil division of the justice department george conway woodhead the office that has responsibility for defending the administrations proposed to travel band and defending lawsuit filed against the administration us court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit on saturday refuse the request from the standing rockin shiny and rivers to tribe's a stop the imminent flow of oil through the dakota access pipeline that means the pipeline to move north dakota oil to el annoyed could be operating as early as monday this is _s_r end news and then original down and to the fall the love too and the action and does life those that can i'm on was the man behind read his story ever total who belongs to victory this time he's finding jesus new season tonight in houston into civic on see in the following is a real why story from trinity depth management i had a lot of credit card debt than i couldn't pay five.

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