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When we talk about the Lakers on the Lakers fast-break podcast? And I'll tell you what my friend is a lot of stuff going on a lot of emotions. A lot of things that are that are going on it just it. Yesterday was such such a heavy day for all of us. Just I felt it in my body. Felt that my chest and it was just so hard and I can't think of TJ Johnson for voice from the underground for speaking to me at length that it really helped me I was. We weren't sure we were going to go on. And we both weren't sure we're GONNA be able to speak thought that we're probably GONNA make fools out of ourselves on camera But we got through it and it was actually very therapeutic for all of us with you know. Yesterday was a tough day and you couldn't come on the air and I know you had coach girls and I wanted to know you have to get through the day saw. How did you get through the day yesterday who you know? As far as what things did you do. Who did you talk to you? And where did you go to find some solace in such a sad time like this while I was. It was kind of funny by the time. I I got the news in told my wife about it. We had to get ready to go to my granddaughter. MIA's game and I really didn't even Wanna a go at first. I just just sitting down in front of the computer trying to get the news trying to figure out what happened. I mean at that point in time before I left for the game in uh the the crazy dumb rumors that all four daughters died with him on the plane. were out there and I was trying to grapple with that you know then Rick Fox was an clocks supposed to be on there and you know it's you know I mean get the news right guys doesn't do any good to to the beat somebody else. When you create crazy rumors that just caused more pain people so you know in but then I and then I saw my wife took off with her car to go and and I left me here and I'm sitting there and I'm thinking about the whole thing and I said I just got I just got to go to me as game? I can't miss this game name so I jumped in the car and zoomed off and turn on CNN. You know just it's normally the station. I listened to when I'm in the car while CNN. It's not a single word about politics. Everything's about Kobe Bryant plane crash in so at least I at least I found out that it was only only a Ugh who was on the plane with Gobi. Although to to his two of her teammates were on the plane. You know you think about three thirteen eighteen year old girls who all love basketball and you know that just so tragic you know a pin one of the mothers in one one of the one of the great baseball coaches in southern cal in southern California junior college figs him and his wife where their daughter Just yes so tragic because I get to the game you know and in the Games getting ready to start and I'm watching the game you know and I see my son and you know on. He's got tears in his eyes and One of the girls one of the best players on the team had heard the news and had told my daughter told my granddaughter modern she told Her Dad and you know he grew up as a Kobe Fan. I mean it was just horrible. In that sense they won the game though they played extremely really well and then I added to go off to the second game with other granddaughter and we were GonNa Scout Two teams that we were playing. I got after the arena there in and saw lots of friends that I knew in guys who were referees and coaches in the Cyo and Talk to the other coaches loser. Because he had was there with his girls and we talked about the whole thing coby and his girls. I live in northern California. So there's there's like an island of Laker fans among all of the waiters fans. If he will but it helps it helps just to talk it out just does does help to talk it out except my problem was I couldn't really talk every time I tried to say something about it. My son would say something about it. Might Start to talk and I'd start to cry and I didn't I just you know I know I remember at the end of the game. Hugging both migrate At the end of each game hugged each of my granddaughters in Tears in my eyes just just the whole the whole thing that Colombian In those three girls with their parents were on the way to a game. Just the same as I was with. My you know in the car Dr and you had a car accident just like a helicopter accident back. I'd probably say that your chances of having an accident in the car were greater the chances of having an accident and he'll look after But just that that parallels between it just made me want to hang onto them and not let go of them you know. That was the biggest sense that I got a lot of the a lot of fans on Laker dot net. Very similar. Things you know. Make sure you hug your husband or your wife find a way to work because God knows whether you'll see him again and so you know for me I I I just wasn't I wasn't marginally capable of really talking about it any great extent. You know I really actually appreciate the chance to talk about it with you and I was just. I was just tool mostly overwrought yesterday. I just couldn't stop crying at by started. Crying was just in a in their Irina with you know coaching these girls goes on coby. COBY would've said you know. Let's play absolutely as described in my conversation with Tj down for voice from the underground yesterday. If Kobe were live right now he would probably slap all all of us collectively to say no at snap out of it. You know life goes on. There's a game on Tuesday. Laker fans have got to go ahead and and support their team. But you know at Laker fans are also going to go ahead and support their team by also supporting one of the greatest to ever played the game and You Know L. as we close out in the last fifteen minutes here of our show and again I want to thank everybody for watching. Thank everybody for listening to Laker's fastbreak hope you get a chance to go ahead and listen to more episodes that we've got on there all of our podcast networks. That are out there. If you have any questions please let us know at Laker's fastbreak on twitter. The Lakers fast-break at Yahoo Dot Com. or You just said it. As part of a five star review on Apple podcasts. I want to go ahead and to say you know. What is it about Kobe that that struck you? Most you know what is it about copays career that really just propelled him in your eyes to become one of the best that you've ever seen. I think that it's probably encapsulated with the Momma mentality. That from the time he came into the League in threw up those first two airballs in the playoffs to you know finishing his career with sixty point game is a guy who never quit was never intimidated. Aidid was never afraid. You could block his shot. You could block his dock but that would not in he had the ultimate the ultimate shooters shooters mentality that you never worried about the last shot. The next shot was going in so I think that level of confidence and backed by the fierce determination that he showed when he played the game was the first determination he showed as he prepared for the game. You hear the phrase Koby ask sometimes when players make moves in the court and so forth to me. Yeah the greatest compliment that anybody could give somebody in athletics today. or or an any endeavour today would be to say that there are work ethic and their effort their determination to their craft. Their commitment to their craft was Kobe esque. I think that's what stands out most to me. It's the thing that I use sometimes with my girls when I'm coaching him. That basically you know you don't WanNa quit never quit. It doesn't matter if you missed the last shop that doesn't matter. Don't cry over spilled milk. Just take the next shot. I congratulate them. I want every one of them to take a shot when they got the chance to shoot and Kobe was a guy who totally believed in that. You know One of the things that he would most angry about teammates was when they had an open shot. They didn't take that shot his APP. Just files everything up. You know you have to play with confidence and the only way you learn to do that is to learn to forget. Get what you make a mistake. Learn from it. Yes and don't make the same mistake again but you basically have to have to have some Mama mentality one of the things I wanted to ask you before we head on out and like I said we're in our final twelve minutes or so here on the Lakers fast-break podcasts. Is You know the those memories the most that stick out to you. I mean the games that you think really just defined Kobe and who he was as a player player. I want you to go ahead and describe I mean the easy answer is the eighty one point game and I saw that game first hand. I didn't see it on tape delay. I didn't see it on. You know I have. I've seen it. You know again in future recordings after that but I did see it live as it happened. I was privileged to see it and I saw the bruins right there up in person and but for me probably one of the most memo games was one of his worst games. Actually and that was against the Boston Celtics in game. Seven of the two thousand nights series and I as I was speaking to. TJ Johnson. A voice in the underground. What impressed me most was that he was awful? Shooting the ball for virtually virtually the entire game. He found other ways to help the team win. You know you hear it all the time about Alice Caruso about so many other players. There's Oh he does the little things he does everything else to help. The team win too poor to provide that platform and Kobe did exactly that he rebounded rebounded in double digits. He passed the ball efficiently. He got the you know. got to the open man. He played really hard defense against the Boston. Celtics at that point in time it truly impressed me that day to see that no matter how frustrated coby got with the shooting he never let the other parts of his game lead down down and to me I just thought that was just a tribute to the determination that he has and the wheel that he had in that game where it was truly one of the ugliest games you could probably that'd be see from a basketball standpoint something you probably would never show that as far as teaching offense to apply to any player out there but from defensive standpoint the point especially the defense and the effort of the team defense that Kobe displayed on that day. I think it was just something that it shows that Kobe was you know had more to this game and it had more to his game the just shooting that just going ahead and just filling it into.

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