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He deserves credit. Yeah and he Evidence that do gain you were talking about earlier Tell me one that game. He's one of the greatest best endgame bench coaches chefs. He didn't have any timeouts left. Tubby intentionally did not call timeouts when we were thinking should because he didn't wanna give k a chance to talk to these guys and that was brilliant. I thought that was that one of the game. I think i think he again. For those adjustments for what he did. Just do the whole tournament. I think he certainly deserves a lot of credit. I'll tell you my favorite tubby smith story Tubby smith got a house for his parents right as parents aging his dad was a world war veteran but got house force. Parents tubby actually built the house. Help build the house. I'm talking out there on all the big equipment digging up the foundation. He did all this for his parents. I mean he's one of those kinds of guys man and now he deserves more respect from everybody not just kentucky banned from college basketball in general amen. Thank you nice talking to you guys Keep it up. thanks right. appreciate the call. I wish we can get back to the phone lines but myron we just got about a minute to go here before the end of the show and i don't wanna make you feel too old but in one thousand nine hundred seven when tubby smith took over. I was only two years old stone. Yeah that's cool chime in on the mets a little bit younger twenty six. Oh well myron. I really appreciate you letting me team up with you. I think you were going to have your day to yourself but thanks for. Let me tag along on this right here. Thanks man picture the face tab when you get it and you lose. Oh there ain't gonna be no face tat but god. I think you're going to need to come down to kentucky to get some free food into at least watch this parking lot race. Maybe have some snickers in the freezer. I'll call the paramedics. You need them. Because i feel like you don't care something. Well man i really appreciate. It falls on twitter at mid calf by. Espn he's the one that knows his stuff. I am billy rutledge. You could follow me on twitter at sports. I'm sure i'll be back around filling in for old shannon the dude matthew mitchell. The former women's basketball coach will be hosting tomorrow. Can't wait to hear from him but everybody thank you for listening today. Thank you to match jones for the opportunity today and everybody have a good rest of the day often through the streets of soho in the rain..

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