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It's it's still unspeakable tragedy. I think jurors got it right and that is signs of progress but two things really stood out to me yesterday. First of all. I went back and i read. The initial press release from may twenty fifth twenty twenty and the headline was man dies after medical incident during police interaction. Which is shocking. That's what the initial report was. After george floyd passed away. And i think the other interesting part to me was that. Hopefully we'll be a meaningful part of history. Moving forward is the seventeen year. Old daughter neyla frazier. She was the one that actually videotaped the incident and for all the tragedies that have come recently and all the social injustices that have occurred. So when like her hopefully in a meaningful way will change history because capturing what happened on video obviously changed the outcome. In the george floyd case but i just i went back and i read that initial press release it was shocking to be the initial characterization of what happened and that's where i wanted to go mike. You kind of hit the nail on the head on where i wanted to go with the media aspect of this in the racial composition of the jury a quick couple points. We'll continue to talk about this throughout the four hours. Because obviously this is a story that transcends sports and so sort of makes us realize we're just here to talk about ball games. Scores highlights analysis and how trivial that is in the grand scheme of things. But you'll right. The george floyd woke up on memorial day twenty twenty. I don't think george. Floyd thought he was going to be taking his last breath that day and when seventeen year old darnell frazier woke up that day. I don't think she woke up thinking to herself. I'm going to change the world today. But she did she was seventeen is seventeen. She was walking with young member of her family to get a snack at a convenience store when she saw it and presence of mind even as a youngster to take the younger person she was with put that person on the doorstep of convenience store walkover takeout her phone twenty twenty one and with the thumb pressed one button on her phone and with that one button change the course of history. So george floyd when he woke up that day had no idea it would be his last and frazier had no idea the impact. She would have using modern technology. We're going to dig into this next hour. But i just want to mention one thing as we continue to cut across racial lines. The jury was consisted of one black woman to multiracial women to white men. Three black men four white women. Two thirds of the jury were in their forties or younger and often times as is the case and i think this is a sad commentary on where we are that needs to be mentioned because many people believe the composition of the jury ends up deciding what the verdict will be. But i think in this case whether you had twelve white men twelve white women black women twelve black men anybody age race sexual orientation older younger urban suburban rural rich. Poor democrat republican. I don't think you need to break down. Even though in two thousand twenty one this is what we do. I don't think you need to get down to the granular level of who on the jury deciding the fate of derek. Chauvin anybody with a pair of eyes as keith ellison of minnesota attorney general said believe your is first day of the trial. Believe your eyes. Believe what you're seeing. And so that's one thing i just wanted to mention. Oftentimes people look at the composition. And say that's why certain verdict was rendered in this particular case. If you took twelve clear eyed people have any background. I think it's obvious what the case would be on the way much more on this throughout the course of the morning the nfl draft is eight days away our gm. Mike tannenbaum is here jets. Dolphins who were asking the big surprise teams would be and if knack jones tumbles. How far will he go. Mike says not nearly as far as you might think we're underway this morning..

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