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Juan in four. Steve present it and we are following a breaking story of a police involved shooting at Harlem and the Eisenhower Expressway. Home opener today for the White Sox. The road opener for the Cubs Sox played home for the first time against Kansas City. Jobless numbers are higher than expected and W g N traffic Here's Vicky Cuckoos Ian Good morning, This traffic reporter sponsored by Protect Chicago were coming out of the woods and closer to the life we miss so much in the Windy City. Getting vaccinated is what will make this happen. Let's get back to it. Chicago Find your vaccine at shine Duck of Slash Covert vax. We have heavy travel times on the Kennedy inbound from O'Hare to downtown at 52 minutes, getting back out to the airport. 35 56 on the inbound Eisenhower 3 92, the old post office flip side trips at 44. This is also affecting the Harlem entrance and exit ramps due to an ongoing shooting investigation that will have more information on now. I'm Vicky Coco's BMW GM Traffic Central, and this news is sponsored by Apt. A b t dot com And these reports of a police involved shooting on the Harlem overpass over the Eisenhower Expressway has more information now from Eric Run. There's the United States Postal Service, truck, undercover police vehicle and another vehicle. All within that police tape. Oak Park Police Forest Park police both on the scene here. And state police say they are investigating on the scene and assisting as well. There was obviously.

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