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So I like that as a skill for him, especially as someone who is as big as he is and still someone who has been able to to penetrate against both the run and the pass while he is again, the more traditional guy. I think the next two guys we're going to get into are interesting because they are little more hybrid. And I don't say that as a bad thing of. But I'm not sure if we're going to talk about them as just strictly interior guys. I think there guys who can play on the interior and on the edge and move moving around. If you're talking about the giants that's great because that's what they want to do with their defensive lineman a have versatility and move them all around the line. So I think the first guy we can talk about going to be reshot Gary from. Meghan. Yeah. Gary got is a guy. He's had a fair amount of hype around him for about the last year. He's a big defensive end. And he's kind of classically built defensive end. If you think of a four three defensive end, he's six five two eighty you know, since we've kind of changed from talking about front seven players as either edges or interior defensive linemen. I list him as a interior defensive linemen because I don't think he has quite that lateral agility to either play from two point stance or really bend the edge as a pass rusher, but he can play up and down the line. He's got a ton of power and a really good burst. Especially for a guy his size. He can't play like to gap. Ing five technique. He could. Play heads up on offense tackle and control both gaps. And that versatility. I think could be intriguing especially to Jane's Becher who likes three-man FRANZ four man front occasionally uses to man fronts or five man fronts. I'm interested to see how teams are going to view Gary as interns of his position. But also whether his kind of ability to do that might have hampered him a little bit in college. I think because he might have just been moved around a little too much of the only played nine games this year. He's going to sit out the peachable as he prepares for the draft. So the amount of time he's gotten to put up volume numbers are not as high as some of these other players, but he only finished the season with seven and a half tackles for loss. Three and a half sacks only nine run stuff's was able to get. One pressures thirteen hits. But those those numbers seven and a half tackles for was only nine runs. Stuff's those those aren't great numbers for an interior guy. But he also did play sometime on the end..

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