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CBS news update. It's a done deal and tariffs on Mexican goods will not go into effect Monday. President Trump tweeted this evening that an agreement has been reached with Mexico to take new steps to curb migrants, getting to the US Mexican foreign minister, Marcelo abroad, speaking through an interpreter, the United States and Mexico commit to strengthen bilateral cooperation, including for carrying and coordinated actions to better protect unsecure, our common border CBS's, Biko Killian has been tracking event. From the White House. Mexico's foreign minister has really been at the State Department all day, you know, these talks stretched on for hours and all day long, you know, we've been looking for updates and pretty much have gotten radio silent from the State Department, from the White House from the Mexicans until finally out. We get word from the president via tweet that they're deal, CBS news update. I'm Pam Coulter. KCBS news time, six thirty to ship manslaughter case in Oakland moves to the defense when the trial resumes on Monday KCBS reporter, Tim Ryan looks at their case, suggesting the fire was a case of arson, and whether the two defendants will testify themselves. Sometimes defense will keep it strategy quiet until it's time for his first witness. Not this time despite a monumental investigation, both locally, and by the feds the cost of this fire a fire that claimed thirty six lives back into center of two thousand sixteen during a warehouse dance party. Has never been determined in that says legal analyst even Clark is a key to winning acquittal. What you'll see the defense to do in their portion of the case is focused on the fact that the DA's office was not able to establish the cause of the fire in the biggest question going forward. The big question, I think, in the defense case is going to be whether a main and Harris take the stand in their own behalf. It's very important that they come across his remorseful to this jury that this horrible tragedy is something that they never wanted to see and that they are deeply sorry for what happened. Clark says in his risky business testifying in one's own defense because of what can happen on cross examination in this case, he suggests it is worth that risk Tim Ryan, KCBS KCBS news time, six thirty three the union workers who provide mental health care at Kaiser facilities are ready to walk off the job on Tuesday indefinitely. KCBS gentlemen reports on the escalating contract dispute Kaiser calls it disappointing that the national union of healthcare workers is calling on its members some four thousand therapists, psychologists and social workers in California to walk off the job and away from patients the union has asked patients, including Kevin dickens to talk about the long wait times that it blames on staffing shortages in mental health Dickinson. To try for nine weeks as he struggled with thoughts of suicide before getting an appointment at this point. I am. Every everyday. In a c- has your doesn't do anything to help the next person and Michael right now is to help the next person, hospitals and medical offices are set to stay open. If a strike occurs though some appointments may be postponed negotiations may continue through the weekend last contract with these mental health care workers expired in September as strike in December ram five days, but this one, the union calls indefinite gentleman KCBS a former assistant basketball coach at Oklahoma state, and the university of South Carolina has been sentenced to three months in prison for accepting bribes to link top players with bribe paying managers and financial advisers Lamont Evans emerged from courtroom today to say it was one of the saddest days of his life Evans, lost his six hundred thousand dollar job and the likelihood he eventually become a head coach with his September twenty seventeen arrest at the time he was at Oklahoma state his guilty, plea and Jan. To bribery conspiracy could lead to his deportation from the country, where he has lived since the age of two in ver is parting ways with two of its top executives less than a month after the company's rocky initial public offering. CEO DARA, Khosro st-, make that Khosro f- Schalke told employees today that he plans to be more involved in day to day operations now that the IPO has passed this comes as chief marketing officer, Rebecca Messina, and chief operating officer Barney Hartford are leaving the company stock tumbled since it's peo- the company posted strong revenue growth in its first quarter as a public company, but also one billion dollars in losses. Speaking of over an Uber driver recently pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and sexual battery charges for allegedly attacking three women passengers and Oakland and Berkeley on a single day last month. Twenty-three-year-old kept wral Amari of Oakland scheduled for turn to Alameda County superior court in Oakland on June twenty-sixth for a pretrial hearing. Police say in court papers that Amari refused to let two different passengers out of the car when he picked him up on may second, one woman jumped out of the vehicle wall Amari, sped up and the other had threatened to break the car window to be at I let out after Amari had groped her. The district attorney's office filed an amended complaint charging Amari with an additional count of kidnapping to commit a sex crime for third incident involving an Oakland woman. Also, on may second news time six thirty six petty. You've got this theory that during an NBA playoff game involving the warriors, the freeways of pretty empty. Yes. We're going to test that next. Okay. We'll check in with John. Napa auto care centers. Seventy five dollars prepaid card when you spend two hundred fifty bucks on Napa brake parts which is caused to celebrate. 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