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For exceptional offers good pitching matchup in this one as to reach Google started for Detroit and he was pretty darn good against Brady Singer, who only lasted three innings, had to leave the game due to injury. Royals first on the board. Second inning. Albert Elder Alberto Man to see Homer dissenter one. Nothing, Casey. Didn't take long for the Tigers to come right back. Gaymard Candelario, double the right center made it a 11 game. I feel but do scored. Let's go to the third as Salvador Perez. He's pretty good. A two run homer off to reach school will bottom of the third inning made it a 31 game in this game remained 31 until the top of the seventh inning. Man on Willie Castro Big at Bath for 3 to 5. All right, Center field. This one's deep. This one's got a chance, and this one is gone. A home run on Really Castro with a two run shot here in the seventh ties the game at three 33 game. Tigers continued to add on top of the seventh inning, Robby Grossmann would score on a wild pitch top of the eighth inning Echo Good drum would score on a wild pitch. 33 game becomes five. Free. Then enter Nomar Mazara top of the ninth inning Big ad on run. Swing your line drive past a diving Alberto and right center field. Candelario being waved around third, he will score scooting over to third is Jonathan Scope of pull it off the bat of Nomar Mazara. Tigers and on a run here in the ninth inning, have a 63 lead runners at the corners and still only one out. Turned out to be a huge run as it was a 63 game bottom of the ninth inning with Mary Field doubled, is scored Alberto in It was 64 GIs like that against Michael Farmer. Still in the bottom of the ninth inning, Carlos Santana single scored. Mary Fielding was 6 to 5. Michael Fulmer was able to strike out Salvador Perez, and that's how this one would end. Michael Homer gets to save Greg Holland takes the loss to reach Scougall. He was outstanding in this 16 innings, giving up three runs. He comes away with the victory. Don't forget tomorrow. It's going to be a good one. Shohei Otani is gonna go against Matt Manning, making his major league Debut, Tigers win this 1625. They sweep the Kansas City Royals coming up next an Dickerson scores from around Major League baseball. You're listening to Detroit Tigers baseball if you came across the child struggling with hunger How would you recognized him by their clothes their age they speak. Would you recognize the 13 year old boy who gets into fights at school? Not because he's a boy, but because he's hungry or two year old girl who cries all night. Not because she's said that because she went to bed without enough to eat. Or maybe a nine year old boy who hopes a friend invites him to sleep over. Not for fun just so we can have dinner. For a 15 year old girl who goes for walks over lunch, so her friends won't know she doesn't have anything to eat..

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