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Five and fifty five powered by maximus moving people and technology the wizard's day of wheeling and dealing didn't stop during the nba draft the indiana pacers are trading to the washington wizards the draft rights to billow coolabally the seventh and pick the wizards are trading to the pacers the draft rights to juris walker the eighth pick commissioner adam silver announcing the deal on espn the network reporting the deal to essentially move up a spot to select eighteen star below coolabally cost them two second round picks in twenty twenty eight one of which was just acquired from phoenix the in now finalized bradley beal trades that uh... brought the wizards a total of six second -round picks and four first -round pick swaps and once that was done chris paul was sent to golden state for jordan pull a protected twenty twenty thirty first -round pick and a second rounder in twenty twenty seven the mystics cruise to an eighty fifty nine victory in chicago their second win over the sky this week elena della don led the way but the rookie out made her debut playing six minutes off the bench and scoring two points coach eric tebow she took my little chat about being aggressive to heart he was hunting so it's good i mean you want that you can figure out how to get her into the offense and she'll get more comfortable but it's hard to work with somebody who's afraid she's not afraid the nationals fell to the arizona diamondbacks five to three in in a a make up of the game postponed by air quality two weeks ago they've martinez ejected for arguing with umpire the in an epic tirade you can see on wtop .com rob woodfork wtop sports thanks rob as always 157 on wtop this is wtop news wtop fm washington w w w t f m and asses w t l p f m braddock heights frederick i've been dancing in the moonlight you're with wtop and dean lane declare your independence from paying high retail prices and come into a cork furniture outlet today where find you'll the furniture of your dreams at prices you can afford cork furniture prices are always super low because they lease their furniture for use in model homes movies and television by home stagers in corporate offices and when the furniture comes back they sell it for pennies on the dollar but now during court's annual independence stay sale save even more on an incredible selection of new and previously leased home and office furniture in stock and ready for pickup or delivery lance from $19 TVs from $89 dollars and sofas from $4 .99 plus

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