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New juju Smith shoes. Oh my gosh. Juju Smith Schuster jersey any size from what is it? Dave small to triple X. Yes. That's what we can actually get small to triple X and this could be for you. It could be a gift or a loved one. It doesn't matter. It's brand new were not going to China for it. No offense Brian. And we're gonna make sure that it is a legit. All right. Now here's how here's what. You're going to have to do. We're you're to have a week to prepare for this. We'd wanted to influence get our Twitter grow. We'll grow our Twitter space as well. And so you need to follow us on Twitter, if you don't already, and that's at BT steel Kurt, and what you're going to do is you're going to because it's juju jersey. You're going to have to think of a touchdown celebration video that you think juju would actually do or maybe just one that you think is hilarious. And we're gonna leave it up to the Twitter universe as to who gets the most likes as to who wins the jersey. So this isn't going to be a Brian, Dave and Jeff judging these and you'll somehow there's some type of conspiracy theory of O'Brien likes this person. And now it's not gonna be that at all. Now, let's save on on the outside chance that you actually get juju Smith Schuster, to like your video if you do, and if you wanna tag team juju in it, that's fine. That's up to you. If you get him to like a video, then we're going to equate. That two billion likes. He likes more than one then we're obviously going to have to do the math. But that, that means if you get his attention. It's his jersey, that's pretty frigging cool. So that's kind of guys you have a week now next week on the show. We're going to be announcing the Twitter hashtag that we're going to want you to use. It's going to be easier for us to surge. But you're going to have to tag behind the curtain at BT still Kerr and the hashtag that we give you next week when you post your video now on dinosaur Curtis Twitter, page will probably re tweet a lot of these said we'd get them out there give where people to see them and again, it is a free jersey. No-strings-attached. All you have to do is like us on Twitter, submit a video that is it free jersey. You don't find that either by why you know why there's no strings attached because it's a really legitimacy. They exactly exactly. So I think this is a really cool give away. I think that, you know, for me we give away stuff, it's fun. I like to see when Ben with Bo one, our, I you know, the ticket tickets to a.

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