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And and my guest today malcolm nance is a former altar boy from philly who grew up learning to speak several languages including chinese and russian after college joined the family business in his case the military and his superiors seeing his talent for languages sent him off to study arabic for several years before launching him into a career as a cryptologia missed a spy it was a by which he now claims that part of his career is over but who knows how would we possibly know do you see why i was excited to talk to him today coming up we're talking about what he knew about the iraq war his experienced during nine eleven and i'm not gonna lie he presents a pretty scary scenario for what might happen with north korea but it's okay guys it's all okay it may not be but i'm just saying that i'm just saying that to make you feel better i don't know if it's going to be okay bonner bolton having now lived through all of this and in having achieved that dream of travelling the world seeing people and trying to advance the world through progressive democratic values while killing several target while killing some from time to time saarc have those ideals ever shifted for you and i'm thinking specifically of our experience in iraq our experience in afghanistan where we see what i think you're describing the us going in and trying to from our point of view helped the world and then it just turning to shit while the invasion of iraq who was clearly a turning point for not just me for everybody i i saw the punch coming way before the general public did i was doing intelligence support contracts for special operations forces and i was training special operations forces are story these grade prisoner handling classes irvy's any and my students were out there they'll remember that.

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