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But we depend upon your largest with the patriots to at least get a little bit of. Money for our time during the place when we're going to be doing the NBA cats pretty much every day, except when there is a warriors home game. And when maybe on a Friday night, my wife says you can't do it us. So let's get to a couple of those questions here. Let's start with this from John Catterson, if you're the kings, would you re signed Barnes to four years eighty million or just having take his player option, which is about twenty five million. Now, you don't they don't have control over that. Obviously he can decide to either opt out or not. But presumably they would be able to entice him for me. I would much rather have take that twenty five million dollar player option. If everything goes great next year. You can always you can pay him. Absolutely, whatever you want and resigned him. So I got bugs four years. Eight million for Barnes seems pretty steep. I if I were going to bring him back in a long term deal, I'd want it to be more. You know, the fifteen to seventeen million dollar range if that yeah. I would much rather have the year and and. See where these things go. I think that Barnes if you got paid this off season would be likely to get overpaid, especially when Sacramento just went through the affirmative step of acquiring him. A lot of times when a team does that they end up making a bad decision because they feel more trapped doesn't always happen. But it does often happen. I think back to Oklahoma City trading for and his Kanner. And then matching the NS Kenner tro offer sheet from Portland, you know, that was the deal you an granted you, and I were way will run is Kenner, basically his entire career than a lot of people. But they would think about how much better off they would have been if they just had let him go. Instead of instead of matching also been the blazers were been totally screwed just making that kind of commitment. Now, this is something that's going to real tight a lot the idea of number one year the kings. So what else you're gonna use your money on their pretty decent now? So they're not really in the just take on bad money for assets. Marketplace any longer, and then also you. Say well, yeah. You know, we're playing twenty million for Barnes. But twenty twenty is a terrible free agent market. If if he just ops in either were if we wanna keep them, we're at the pay a ton 'cause will become vision or we won't necessarily be able to replace them. Who knows won't even want to replace them. Also depends on who they get in the draft or what they don't have their pick from the the the salary dump from twenty fifteen same inky, but I would still say it just such a risky contract for Barnes. And in that is a lot of money to pay for a guy who is a controversial player. I think we can say he's not exactly what you need as a three D type on the wing, especially the deep part. You know, he's kind of more of a four Bagley also plays the four as three at the Giza hill a little bit of bad fit there. So this playing the same question we got asked who are some of the candidates who are most likely to be stretched this off season. And normally we are. Relatively against that. But when you consider number one, how bad the twenty twenty free agent classes and number two just how much money is going to be out there because of all those sour succeeds coming off the books. Does it make sense to just open up more cap space now with a better free agent class? And then okay, if you hurt your twenty twenty cap space and twenty twenty one, you know, who cares because you're you're getting bang for your buck those years anyway..

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