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Think yeah, that is. You know I don't think it will hold up other deals but I, think you want some clarity on that and I think that from my vantage point, you want to get it done. It make sense on level and. It sets the tone for everything because then wainwright then knows Riady is and I. I get the feeling that maybe a package deal. You know we're Yada Goes, UENO goes baseball perspective. You Need Adam wainwright next year to good. Yeah. With Hudson Dowell. Now, Yeah Adam wainwright is checked every box and then some to prove that he's a guy who can still be you know two years ago before the first one year deal we were kind of saying. You know and he even came back and pitch that Sunday night game against the dodgers and said that. There were times during that season two, thousand eighteen where he couldn't lift his arm ride. July. But after an off season of well, he'll come back and incentive laden deal. You know even if he's in the bullpen, what a great influence he be sitting down with those guys talking baseball he was unbelievable had one of the best home records in baseball and this year. Was One of the best pitchers. Yeah. In the National League, there's a value. To Ueno. When Chris Carpenter was here and Chris. Carpenter goes back to Roger Clemens in Ken and those guys Roy Halladay there is a value to what he's passing along to flaherty. You know now I do you sit there and say it's worth five million dollars no but there is a value to having him along and there was a lot of value to those two guys being leaders of this team to what the team went through this year. There's no question in my mind that was very, very important so. And I I just think it's important to have those guys retire cardinals. If you can do it again, budgetary constraints, we'll see what happens his strikeouts per nine this year we're oh yeah. Right. At his career average his walks per nine curb was asked career by the way and if you. If you have one thing that you do really really really really really well, be around for a while the. Oh. Yeah. I'm out for a while by the way his curveball according to fan graphs in two thousand, ten was top three in two thousand and twenty ten years later top getting more. More spinoff credible I don't know how he does it but he does, which is amazing the last quick baseball want to throw at you and talk with Derek about this as well is. In the midst of a lot of uncertainty about free agents who guys take one year deals how will the market look How will D. H. being around impact teams? Maybe Nelson. Cruz now is an option for everyone in the National League but also the uncertainty the minor leagues. Could we see some accelerated paths for guys and could have happen as quickly as next year with Nolan Gorman and Matthew Liberator I mean. Some point. You gotta play and if there's not a minor league season, even if you're gonNA struggle as a young player of the big league level, those guys that that can help you. You know was interesting to hear Rob Manfred yesterday talk about he said, well, we're approaching one hundred and sixty game season and a start of a season with an asterisk..

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