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Only guy I'm interested in from the passing attack would be Evan Ingram all right you had. OJ Howard Vance McDonald Old Eric Ibran Jack Doyle and Morality Cox. Oh Wow you're putting all three colts in there. Brian came down with touchdown but bobbled it jerk what made me look better but I think the one that we need to talk about right now you know. I'm less concerned about OJ Howard because he was targeted he had the fumble. You only have one more target than the guy. I imagine you're about to bring up Vance. Yep Yeah problems for Vance McDonald and here's the problem not that. I don't think he can't be productive for the rest of the year because you can. My problem is that now. What do you do because you have these? TJ Hodkinson Mark Andrews bribed other options that you might have drafted in Vance range now. What do you do next week fantastic. Seattle so where are YOU WITH MCDONALD. I mean just four targets in the game. Though the the lack of volume was incredibly surprising especially when you consider the volume they were giving to other players was now working. Why didn't you try to go to Vance McDonald a little bit earlier. I'm optimistic they will I am to that but the point you bring up of Hopkinson Mark Andrews Delaney Walkers probably out there on some waiver wires yes as well. It's really hard not to pivot to one of those guys who seem like they're more sure bet for higher volume but I- Vance McDonald Mark Andrews in my dining silly Mark Andrews on my bench this week he was keeping Sean Jackson Company while I proceeded to lose on Lake and like I said though Moncrieff we've had ten targets I it's it's hard to imagine the steelers go back and they watched what went wrong with this game and then don't get Vance McDonald Donald a little bit more involved. Yeah I mean you could put basically every steeler on the list. Oh my gosh breaking news is exactly why on Sunday morning thought about dropping eater Adrian Peterson Darius guys had an MRI hi this morning on the other non ACL Ni. He's going to miss time. The hope is that he doesn't need surgery but the team is doing a full evaluation. He gained eighteen in yards on ten carries did not look like himself. I just brought that up economic explosive. He is now going to Adrian Peterson rules again this poor or can you believe this the poor kid. I was so close to dropping Peterson because I was going to pick up somebody like John Brown on the morning earning. Just that's a that's a tip by the way if you are in a position where you can move a guy to your on Sunday morning and pick somebody else up as a flyer the two guys guys looking at this week John Brown James crowder both would have been great pre waiver pickups for free without Fab dollars kept. AP Dairies guys unbelievable on be Leibel Mauri Action on that tomorrow when we get more information. I think that's it for today. Show those were the stinkers of the week. What a stink to finish it it to the stinkers of the week presented by odor eaters odor eaters is the best in odor defense. Let's say you need to eat the odor of this week. Yes and on the outer eaters needs to do it but as a fantasy football owner in week one you need to you need to do something something to kind of. Take away the sting of anticipation disappointment because it is a long season. Go get go get a nice massage. Get A pedicure. LOOK LOOK PUT A. Dod Rising Odor Eaters into that shoe that is west assuage yourself. Is that a word. I don't know if it is it is now..

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