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Some of them worked on a different paper. Looking at fifty, four published reports of pre Columbian evidence and skeletal remains of syphilis. And they found there that again, there wasn't enough supporting information and real evidence to say that it existed in its form of syphilis, as we know in talk about it now in the old world. So again, there seems to be some sort of direction here. Terms of the way the the river is streaming with information. But it doesn't mean that this is the end point of the origins of syphilis, and we're gonna talk about more of the sort of sites since owns and smells of what it might be like in a syphilis era in Europe. And I wanted to just read this. This is from the BBC a cultural history of syphilis says in the fourteen ninety s in apparently new and terrifying disease struck Naples in southern Italy and swift fire, like across Europe, reaping a dreadful, human cost. It must have been as though Hel had come to earth pustules spread across the genitals in the face of its many sufferers, unbearable gastro intestinal pain followed upon fevers screamingly, severe headaches and other symptoms. Finally, we'll ash fell from bones. Syphilis had arrived in Europe where it would stay misunderstood, lacking any form of cure for. Five hundred years. Yeah, it's it's pretty rough sounding. And again, remember that this was not a disease that affected just the poor. This was a disease that affected rich and poor like that affected royalty and peasant that affected clergy members. Anyone there was engaging in sexual contact, ran the risk, a high risk of of acquiring this this illness. And yeah, this was not a quiet sort of illness. I mean, people could smell you before you even came around and we're talking about rotting flesh. We are talking about your face bearing the marks of syphilis your body bearing the marks of it. In fact, you could even kind of see it as sort of scarlet letter a lot into your flesh. Yeah, again, the the metaphorical power. Syphilis is unavoidable here because you already have the idea in western culture that that physical deformities may signal inner deformities that that that. Than an inner send can have a flesh -ly manifestation, and it's super easy to apply that line of thinking to syphilis because here's something that's spread through sex, here's something to spread through through sin if you will, and and then has these these terrifying physical manifestations certainly in its later stages. So it's it's easy then for someone to point the figure and say this, this is the way these are the wages of sin right here. All you have to do is look at this individual. Look at the look at the the sores on their body, look at the deformities of their facial feature, look what has happened to them. And and so you see this just throughout its throughout its four and a half centuries of of unchecked rampaging and even beyond into the twentieth century and even into the twenty-first, there's there's a moral aspect to syphilis and two other venereal diseases. This is something you caught because you were doing something that would wrong. Like that's the script that is often applied. The scenario? Yeah. And now people have the sort of calling card hallmarks of that disease, right? They look at you and they say, oh, I'm you, see you've, you've got a nasty rash there. You've lost your hair. Perhaps your nose is even caving into what's called saddle knows. And so what do people do? We'll they try to find anything and everything that might cover up their transgressions or what would be perceived as transgressions and bear in mind again through all of this, that there are no set of standards symptoms for syphilis, and there are stages where it's undetectable, so so every everyone's going crazy with ways to detect and treat it while the the illness it self is is, is so difficult to get your hands on..

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