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That coverage at nine on ESPN fifteen thirty first round action mid American conference tournament tonight Miami redhawks at buffalo the bobcats face central Michigan that's it happens that in Athens which I understand right now is corona virus free that's good there's other things you could pick up in Athens but right now not the coronavirus that's a good thing that's a good thing yeah always been that way that's correct always been that way Kansas's solid number one this week with all sixty five first place votes in the AP poll Gonzaga second the Dayton flyers or third date is having a hell of a season a man Kentucky is eighth global fifteenth Ohio state nineteen the home of court court Kerry combs just twenty second lance's teed up dot Butler Bulldogs or twenty fourth I saw him cool I saw on the internet today sick that Kerry combs is making one million dollars a year to run the Ohio state defense not bad thank you took a pay cut to leave Korean what do you I mean you would have more knowledge of that today I'm just asking I think can brew that he's worn he's probably worth twice that why is that yes in my book a million dollars a year to coach defense at Ohio state and that's not a bad idea federal not bad at all he's supposed to be call us here too that was the great American yeah is out of town this week down in Florida at the double wide yeah his beloved deer park Wildcats are in the state tournament right where there was a rate yeah we're.

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