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I'm Ed Corry on KFI K in Sacramento. I'm reporting Apple's expected to wait until twenty twenty before it releases a five G version of the I votes. I'm Courtney Donohoe on KTAR h in Houston, Chevron will increase capital spending to as much as twenty two billion dollars a year. I'm Steve Podesta on KYW in Philadelphia and WTI in Hartford. We're talking about anthem accusing cygnus boss for playing a role in their failed merger. I'm Alisa Parenti on WBZ 'em in Chicago. I'm reporting on Wisconsin based Kohl's providing an upbeat outlook for the year. Thanks, lisa. European automakers faced two major unknowns of Brexit that could reshape their operations and sales in the UK and the possible levying of import tariffs by the US and Ed Bloomberg's Matt Miller spoke with Herbert DC L Volkswagen at the Geneva motor show, they discuss licensing the platform technology of electric vehicles. The possibility of an IPO for some of the brands tariffs imposed by the US, and how his company will be impacted by Brexit. We're standing first off in front of this buggy. So I can't avoid a question about it. And really, I think it's interesting because this represents not just a concept for folks volume, but also really a new business model, you're going to license the platform technology. Tell me how that will work. Yeah. We we are really fast in getting up to wall. You'll be already fifty million cars, and you know, this new technology. The drive trains will be quite similar. No, it's not as today, and you just mentioned deviate engine v. Eight diesel engines the differentiation between the drive trades in the electric age will be much more limited. The Bank one the big size chocolate bar battery in between two Motors, and then the electric converter. So it does make sense to share this technology to make it just a more affordable to do better cost to do more emotional cars, and we are now we are really making good progress. Fifty million cars already booked that we have considered and I can make sense to offer this lead from. Also, the dead parties have margin there and make electricity really comes through and and get a break. So well, it's also a new revenue stream and car makers are experimenting with a number of different ways to bring in more money. You're gonna need it because you're investing.

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