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In life going have a dissenting view Naperville Illinois and Kathy hi Kathy hi how are you okay thank you long time listener first time caller and does conversion can't thing I think you're getting it all wrong my dad my brother he can't take Indiana and it really nasty eight he's gay and it has nothing to do with maybe it does today not transaction transaction earlier messages and a lot of depression his whole life and I don't think you should support in your conversion therapy stuff well I I didn't mention gays I only mention trans gender so if you do you have children yes okay if you're you're a boy or girl or or both both so let's say your voice said when he was ten mom I'm a girl and you what would your reaction be they will go to the conversion therapy therapy problem what would your reaction be well then what's your new name that's great we love you no matter what your gender what would your reaction be who knows thank you well okay well I I know I know what mine would be for better or worse a year a boy good for you no not not it may not be good for me I'm I'm I'm not look I'm not trying to trick you so you don't want to answer that one that's fine let's say a parent who thinks the ten year old is going through a phase just decided you know what I'd like to take my child to a therapist so that he could deal with why he has this belief that he's a girl I'm not a boy you cannot do that all can he is a whole lot different than the conversion therapy the whole what if the sky it's restore psychologist does believe that the best route is to have him a firm is biology his biological sex that's not conversion therapy Abu I mean we have checked workers or what what are we talking about what you Jack no in certain therapy I am going to help you throw me I'm gonna help you re assert your original and biological identity as a boy is that legal in Utah or eighteen other states at this time okay it depends on what it is is it is hiring sex workers to get a young belated **** now I don't think it is right okay I didn't say that you did so there are versions of trying to have a child affirm his or her biological identity that you would not consider conversion therapy and should be legal is that correct yes okay I'm not sure where we differ all that much that's what I was talking about I believe that in Utah as of Tuesday or as of yesterday if you have a boy it's ten who says he's a girl you will not be able to find a therapist who wants to help the boy reassert his his original biological identity for fear of going to jail were being mocked by the press of Utah unless you talk is there a slippery slope this slippery slope in both directions with my ten year old said he was a girl I would say you know what that's a phase you're a boy and I love you events all of that that fact but you're a boy he was thirty years old said he was a girl or woman obviously every issue you talk to your thirty year old child differently than your ten year old child but to have it across the board banned so the question really is have they banned in Utah and eighteen other state really sixteen others because two of those well the district of Columbia importer Rico have they banned what I just described is a psychotherapist helping you reestablish your original biological identity engaged in what is called conversion therapy that's the question on the table Rick Ames Simpsonville South Carolina high poking his phone he is currently lifting he's moving it across the table the dog has just taken it all right sorry Rick that's the that's the issue my friends the biggest it has to do with parental authority as well which has been that profoundly undermined in our society we do have Rick okay wrecked your Agnel hello yes I'm a Christian concert father came to me and said my son is almost sexual is uncomfortable with lemon and led them to Christ and then I met with the sun and I said you know I'm not gonna argue with you about your homosexuality but what are your goals for the future said well I wanna have a family I said well then you're gonna have to relate to women aren't you so the way we work and we work and so today I can announce that he got married NASA children and there's father invited me to their confirmation on that of the children are the baptism and so but if I had needed all that rhetoric this young man would not have had a chance to have a family all right do you acknowledge that he is still gay in his in his desires why that is okay good all right well that that's important that's an intellectual honesty issue you can never make.

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