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And seven thirty four keith. Wineman presidential wealth in loveland in and boy. Those third quarter earnings continued role in and market. Seems to like it. Yeah agreed and we're in the the heat of those third quarter earnings now and that's where investors remain focused yesterday. The market closed up a half percent based on the dow industrial average. The snp up three quarters of of a percent and after the market closed streaming giant net net flicks reported that it added four point four million subscribers in the third quarter while analysts were expecting three point. Eight million now. We had that and after that report. Joy deutsch bank downgraded netflix six. After the citing the fact they think revenues will slow next year net flicks stocks up twenty percent in the last three months down two percent this morning as investors take profits united airlines beating estimates earnings and revenue up two percent this morning ford shares up two percent after credit suisse upgrades it on its shift to electric vehicles and predicted a thirty percent rally in ford stock bryson strong earnings and subscribe subscriber growth up one percent beating earnings and revenue up two percent after the market closed. Today we'll get earnings reports from ibm tesla and c. s. x. so far eighty two percent of the companies reporting have beat their expectations markets. This morning little changed dow industrial average up eighteen points. Thirty five thousand four seventy five the s&p five hundred up six at four thousand five hundred twenty six and the nasdaq up. Twelve at fifteen thousand one forty one both the down. The snp have closed higher for five straight days longest winning streak since august as of the close yesterday both the down the snp are within one half percent of their record highs. The nasdaq one point. Seven eight percent from its record high and bitcoin this morning sixty check just a few minutes ago. Sixty four thousand three fifty six up four forty three that puts it five hundred and forty bucks away from its record high set on april fourteenth of sixty four thousand eight ninety nine again bitcoin at sixty four thousand three fifty six. That could change heartbeat. Nobody knows why could move either way. It's extremely..

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