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I feel like that. So many schools or acting school in general hadn't even any acting conservator any acting educational program They pushed this thing really hard that you need to train and come here in the cocaine ears. You want this. You gotta come here and it's going to snow. It's thing i mean i understand. Make your program appeal. you come to it. That's fair but like at the same time. It's just like i feel like it's it's really it's really hurt. A lot of exciting Loud the psyches of young actors. Who think they're never gonna amount. They don't feel less than justice. Might be so you you had ended up getting your way now just but you you got your bfa rather and instead of getting your mfa you gotta job right out right out of college. Apparently you went to the actors theatre of louisville kentucky performed. A whole season shows that happened. It was great man. I i was there for a nine months. It was a great experience for me. It was a little difficult in the beginning. I never been to like. I guess the south new comic weird. You know being tucked google's great city legrand Kentucky whole my favorite But it was great. I got to. I got under study for a few shows. I was in a show was in the production of peter star catcher. And now it's is a really great experience over professional and again Harps on the thing. Which i think i had. I tried to mention this. But i had forgotten what it's comeback now so working professionals in getting experiencing. That's when i learned at acting performing generals such should the craft the ether the education of a word of mouth. Stay you passed it down. You know you you learn from other performance for more experienced need the help you in your past dunk next or it's very much yes. This ancient form of storytelling. That you ask down you know. I think it's awesome anything. I learned that derek. I was able to and also what i was able to do there. I was able to get a sense of who i was. Because i feel like i feel what i learned from there I learned from another mentor there. Michael a fantastic fantastic. He helped me to realize that. Like you can sell who you are. And i think he had he had such a Experience like he was an agent from coin programming. Hit so many like different like yet. I mean even half threatens. I in the industry so he knew he brought that knowledge with us. We have talked to agents how to dress the other all this kind of things. I think that you realize you'll you're up from jersey your your very new jersey. You're very interested in your bag. And those are things that you can use to your benefit in those are because you are. Those things isn't only play those things you can bring those things to whatever you do right wall of self awareness. A no act. Swear where your muscles are and how well you can work them doesn't mean you're going to play those types forever but to know that type so that you go for that type you got the headshot that suggests that type you know how to act that and that just comes from being self aware and it sounds like this michael guy was like giving you a crash course in finding out who you are about michael. What an amazing thing to hear when you're when you just came out of school and you're just starting out to get that word of advice like right from the jump is incredible you. I feel like so many times. it's like years later. Somebody might say that to you. You know right when you start working to have those incredible words of encouragement Been huge for you. it was. It was huge it was it was great I i won't lie now. As much as they had like a great experience hunkered state. I always felt little subconscious of because like i have my diction was never that great You know. I have a very harsh thank jersey sound harsh definitely jersey kind of like sentiments me and like how like you know. You can't always be from essay when you're gonna be so like. I felt like i felt like kind of like so conscious that i do limited stuff like that. You know i. I think the and that might be true but i also think the industry is changing. I think that we wanna see those. Thank you wanna. we don't want you to. You'll be so proficient in your bowels constant crystal. Rb wanna see you. You know we want to see you want to see you the person with like your scars and usually only your your your your mannerisms that are very of this place. You know whatever places And i think that that's a that's cool. That's really cool. We're really like valuate. Everybody's drought allow increase days. Do you feel that. Film and tv embraces. That much more than an theater does with film and tv. You've got a camera which is essentially a magnifying glass that allows you to three your authentic self portray and authentic person because that magnifying glasses. Right on you. You can't fake anything you have to be exactly like who you are with theater. Things are a little cleaner a little crisper a little perfect but in film and tv it seems like they embrace this perfectly imperfect unique person who maybe doesn't have the most perfect diction because normal human beings might not feel that you kinda you kinda nestled into film and tv because of that because you were imperfect and you were embracing imperfection i think so. I think it's definitely part of it. i think i do think i do. Theaters is is changing anything. It's becoming a a little by little becoming more inclusive and are more. I mean suppose a long ago I think it's it's doing better. But i do think that jeevan film is way had cedar net regard on just be cuny said there is You know i think the cameras such a people was hard theater on. Tv or whatever Their heart in their own weights harder own ways next. Think that what you're saying like how cameras essentially a magnifying glass. I think it's very true because it captures all these little quirks about you that sometime get lost be medium. That's in a huge theater like theater. You know and. I think that those are things that cameras would pick up on that. You wouldn't see and it would get lost in you know and i think that's Definitely kind of helped in a way also addiction. That's you know gonna project In speed awards on the conformance. Laugh fucking whisper like that. You're not trying to hit the back of the house gave you. If if you're trying to hit the back of the house like this right ears minutes here with you say yeah. Yeah yeah yeah okay so as you are coming to the end of your tenure in in louisville. You've you've had your at-bats you've had michael. Jody and e you know. There's a knocked the door saying now you you gotta like start to be the actor in your training is kinda come into an. Where are you in terms of what you're feeling about the next step. What did you do to take those steps. Where did you go from louisville Question when i got an actress theatre. I ended doing a nine equity company over williamstown. That was that was another tool folks series. Well but. I think when i came back i couple things i got a couple of months after guest fultz in there and i don't think i don't know i think that.

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