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Level discussions. Hour by hour, literally. Egypt Palestinian Authority, another Middle Eastern countries. The name of avoiding this sort of prolonged conflict we've seen in previous years when the hostilities have broken out. Biden expressed hopes that the terms of the ceasefire might eventually pave the way toward a lasting peace. Earlier at the White House by then signed into law a bill to stop hate crimes against Asian Americans by Mrs All of those who are hurting is bcu. The Congress has said, we see you We are committed to stop the hatred and the bias. House Democrats pushed through a bill that spends $1.9 billion to help fortify the U. S Capitol after January's insurrection. Texas Republican lance good and was opposed. He says Democrats should be focusing on the southern border. We're recording 20 year highs and border crossings but instead of completing the wall on our southern border Which would protect innocent Children from being exploited by human traffickers and drug cartels. Democrats would rather spend $2 billion on a roll around this building and D. C in La Hoya, California One person is dead and eight injured and apparent migrant smuggling attempt off Wipe out beach. Lifeguards rescued 10 people in rough water. Who were turned over to border officials. The search continues in South Carolina for a man who allegedly fired shots at police. 27 year old Tyler Terry is also linked to a killing in South Carolina and two in Missouri. Ah woman that he was with the remains in custody stocks ended higher. The Dow up 188 points. This is AP News Criminal charges have been filed against seven people in the death of soccer star Diego Maradona. Seven health professionals have been charged in Argentina with involuntary manslaughter in the death of soccer legend Diego Maradona late last year. Maradona died November 25th of a heart attack two weeks after undergoing brain surgery. He was 60 prosecutors received the medical board report this month that concluded Maradona was in agony for more than 12 hours, did not receive adequate treatment and could still be alive if he had been properly hot. For the lies I, Mike Rossi out. A distinct geographic pattern is emerging in the drive to end the cove in 19 pandemic. Highest vaccination rates are in the Northeast. Vermont is at the top. The lowest rates are mostly in the south with Mississippi at the bottom. Experts say it reflects political leanings, religious beliefs, education and income levels. I'm Jackie Quinn, AP News Mike Rossi, a reporting president. Biden hails the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. After 11 days of fighting. Israel and Hamas announced the ceasefire late Thursday, ending a war that caused widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip. At the White House President Joe Biden extend my sincere gratitude to President Sisi. In the senior Egyptian officials who played such a critical role in this diplomacy. The cease fire came about after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office accepted an Egyptian proposal. Hamas quickly said it would honor the deal. In his remarks, Biden was hopeful that the page can be turned on a new chapter in Israeli Palestinian relations. I believe we have a genuine opportunity Make progress and I'm committed to working for at least 230, Palestinians and 12. People in Israel died in the rocket attacks and airstrikes Mike Rossi, a Washington a ceasefire in the Israeli fighting. I'm Jackie Queen with an AP News MINUTE Israel and Hamas have agreed to adopt an Egyptian brokered ceasefire proposal to end the 11 days of war that has caused devastation and Gaza and scores of death. President Biden just address the development, saying this provides an opportunity for lasting peace. I believe the Palestinians and Israelis Equally deserved to live safely and securely and enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy. The House has passed a measure to spend $1.9 billion to fortify the capital after the attack on January 6th. A state judge in Mississippi is dismissed murder charges against two black police officers. They were accused of fatally beating a 62 year old black man in 2019. Federal judges blocked plans to dredge a shipping channel on the Georgia coast to protect sea turtles. Stocks rallied back today. I'm Jackie Quinn. This is AP News. I'm Rita Fall away this morning, thousands of Palestinians air in the streets of Gaza celebrating the cease fire that they see is a victory over Israel. A cease fire between Israel and Hamas is.

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