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There's sort of a theoretical risk that it could cause organ rejection. I mean i think that you know. Theoretical means relatively remote. But they wanna do these studies just to make sure that it's safe for people you know effective. Is it worth it for them to actually get this extra shot or not running this now is joe barrett senior midwest correspondent at the wall street journal. Thanks for joining us. Joe going to be here to talk about the covid nineteen vaccine and people that have an compromised system so this would be people that are transplant patients. Some people with certain cancers things like that they take these drugs to suppress their immune system. A new study found out that these people are not getting the normal amount of antibodies in their system after receiving their two doses. You know if they were getting maduna or pfizer vaccines so in some cases. Now they're exploring a booster shot for them. Some are trying to get monoclonal. Antibodies treatments to boost their systems in protection against cove. Nineteen so joe. What are we seeing in these studies. Showing about these people people with compromised. Immune systems always have a little bit less of an uptake of vaccines. From what. I understand but it was really start with the kobe. Vaccines the study. That came out in april. Showed that only about forty. Six percent of people who hadn't gotten to shots had actually gotten any antibodies and the people who actually did get anybody got less than With a normal immune system so there were people out there who got in two shots and basically thought they were covered. You know like everybody else but it turns out many of them art and you needed to do additional testing to figure out how much immunity you have and you know whether you got any at all. There's about ten million people in the us that take immunosuppressants for various conditions. So that's a lot of people that might know somebody in their lives that have an immune compromised system. The cdc has basically said that they should operate as if they weren't even vaccinated. That's how much they don't really know about this. And that's the big question is is what to do. They're trying to explore options right now for how to how to get them. Those antibodies some people consulting with their doctors are going out and getting another booster shot. But the cdc says that really needs more study. I mean they don't want to send people off when they're not one hundred percent sure what the reaction is going to be. Apparently they're sort of a theoretical risk that it could cause organ rejection. I mean i think that you know. Theoretical means relatively remote. But they wanna do these studies just to make sure that it's safe for people you know and that it's effective. Is it worth it for them to actually get this extra shot or not right and obviously the way everything works out. That oregon is more important than the vaccine would be. You know you need to take care of that to help. Complete the body system. A more than he would need these vaccine. So that's kind of the tough spot to be. You did speak to you. People who are in this situation and one of them specifically he was a man who went out and got another shot and his antibody levels did shoot up. Yeah apparently anecdotally this is. This is working for some people but you know they really haven't tested enough to be sure that it's going to kind of work for everybody but you know they have even talked about well. If the second and the third one doesn't work you could even possibly get a fourth one if it's proving this is safe. There's also possible benefit from going so you had pfizer and dirna going what they call cross platform and having your next shot. Be johnson and johnson like that might spur a reaction. It's different than what the other one did. And so you know. There's a lot of options out there but sort of the cdc in its guidance is being very cautious and the thought obviously is that it is that cocktail of drugs. That is doing something to the vaccine. That's that's causing the anybody's not to form yeah. People have had transplants. That's about five hundred thousand of the ten million who take immunosuppressants. They take like more than one. And i guess some of them are some of the Meena suppressants are stronger or make the vaccine even less effective and other ones like so. There are some people with lupus who might be taking one of the drugs. The transplant patients take and their chance of getting anybody's is just as low or even lower than people with the transplants any anyways. It's kind of a complicated picture. But the transplant people take off and more than one and so they're sort of the biggest group that's sort of at risk for this all in one lump sum and so has there been a recommendation for people who take immunosuppressants to go and get tested for antibodies to see what their levels are like right. Now i don't think the testing is very widely available at the moment but they recommend that people talk to their doctors and their doctors are certainly going to tell them to you. Know where extra p. Don't don't act like you can take that mask off yet because you might not be protected so it's not widely recommended that everybody gets tested but it kind of seemed like that's the path were heading joe barrett senior midwest correspondent at the wall street journal. Thank you very much for joining. Ask no problems. Take when the brightest minds at the university of florida come together. Something extraordinary happens. Engineering empowers medicine. 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And so when i go on vacation. Let's make it really look serious if possible joining us now is ronnie mola senior. Data reporter at boxes recode. Thanks for joining us running. thanks for having. I love to talk about these types of stories for a couple of different reasons. One were getting back to normal. People are starting to venture out into the world again but then also purely for planning purposes you know we're gonna be talking about top travel destinations and basically if you're planning a vacation you wanna do it early. You wanna do it right. You might want to go to these places we're gonna talk about. You might want to think of some alternative places know twenty twenty because we were so confined at home and the only way we can get out is in our own little pods and everything. The big summer travel things were all about road trips or twenty twenty one. It's going to be a summer of resorts leader luxury trips beach resorts things like that. Ronnie tell us what we're expecting for this summer the summer. You're gonna see a lot of north american beach. Resorts part of that has to do with a lot of the travel restrictions. You don't know what you're getting into if you go to another country traditionally in the summer people go to big international cities new york san francisco tokyo sydney. You're not seeing any of that this year. You're gonna see a lot of florida also hawaii beaches in mexico so basically close by each places and that's because they offer this sort of resort package. Where you know you get a flight you get in. You might get picked up by the resort and you spend your whole vacation for the most part on the resort which is a more conservative way to travel. Especially if you know in the wake of pandemic when you're worried about being exposed to many people or too many different situations i.

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